Bayside Messages On Corruption

HIGHEST PLACES OF RULE “Your world and your country wallow in a cesspool of error, corruption, and debasement. Satan has set among you in the highest places of rule, giving them power for the destruction of human souls. These agents of hell have been placed in your schools to destroy your young; in your government […]

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The Great Tribulation And The Bayside Messages! The Immaculate Mother Speaks!

Image: The Courtesy of Pinterest What is the Great Tribulation? In the Bible we read about the Great Tribulation, a time of trouble and difficulty as never before seen on the earth, leading up to the Millennium. From the account of events in Revelation 3-19 we can see that the Great Tribulation has three stages.Source Bayside Messages THE […]

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When the Families Go, the Nations Will Go! … THE FALL OF FAMILIES: Bayside Heavenly Messages Unfold

THE GREATEST ATTACK UPON FAMILY LIFE “Evil creations from hell…all manner of abominations are entering into the homes of your nation and the countries throughout the World. It will be an absolute necessity now for all parents to act as a director, a leader in the homes. The greatest attack from Satan shall be upon […]

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The Moral To Man’s Own Story–

http://www.shell.com The closest man has ever journeyed towards heaven has not been atmospheric through his building of towers, or his hallucinatory or planetary explorations, but–“CYBERSPACE”. Can we consider “CYBERSPACE” as possibly being man’s final frontier (during these last days)? There are many proofs that as man continuously abstracts himself from his earthly roots the more […]

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O GOD, OUR, FATHER … Hear Us! We plead before Thee, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for All who tonight In THIS GREAT CITY stand in the MOST NEED of Thy MERCIFUL LOVE and Protection. On souls beset by Temptation, HAVE MERCY. On those who have fallen into sin, HAVE MERCY. On those who are […]


Happy Birthday Lord And Savior!

Image source HUMAN BIRTH: As a Newborn baby sleeps, he frowns at the horrors of the world he has been born into. But when the angels consoles him, his sad and drooping lips transforms into a smile. Will you or I leave this world with a smile or a frown? Give Praise to our Redeemer […]

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God Always Warns Us

Image from quote fancy These Bayside prophecies come directly from the Eternal Father in Heaven. He is telling what is going to happen in North America with 100% accuracy. In the Bible we learn God always warns a nation or a people before He chastises: “For the Lord God doth nothing without revealing his secret […]

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The Great Commission!

Arguably the Greatest Message Ever Preached! “Where Sick Men Can Get Wel… Note: No rating issues or age problem with this video. Please view at link below that redirects to : ADVERTISEMENT “Please WATCH ON YOUTUBE” click lower left arrow on either YouTube boxes below. If you have a YouTube account, simply input into your […]

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“My Sweet Lord” is a song by English musician and former Beatle George Harrison that was released in November 1970 on his triple album All Things Must Pass. Also issued as a single, Harrison’s first as a solo artist, “My Sweet Lord” topped charts worldwide and was the biggest-selling single of 1971 in the UK. […]


We Are So Blessed

YT.com Even in our inheritance of sin God has allowed us appeasement, giving us therapeutic talents; God gives us food with the ability to taste and enjoy them. God escapes us from our sinful woes, through the rest of sleep. God biggest blessing is deliverance in which he is calling us to receive him and […]

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