Reaching the non-Christians in Japan by Camy Tang


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_MG_1378_I had a really interesting conversation with two young women who are staff with me for our church youth group. Both of these women are in their mid twenties, and one is from China, so their age and backgrounds give me a different perspective on evangelism from my own experience.

I was talking about how I really want to reach non-Christians in Japan with my fiction. Less than 1% of the population in Japan is Christian, and there are very few Christian churches in Japan, even counting home churches.

Anyway, in my conversation with these two girls, we were discussing the major religions in Asian countries. Most people in Japan are Buddhist or Shintoist, while people in China are Buddhist or Daoist.

We also talked about how there is some distrust of “foreign” or “Western” religions—and basically, anything west of the borders of China is considered “Western” to Asian countries…

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