The Word of God Incarnate Who Became Man (flesh).


Jesus is Lord, the Word of God Incarnate who became man. His life demonstrates how we should live. And as life proves, all things pass thru this sphere of matter to death.  But our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day.   Was Thomas,  his disciple shocked when others told him the Lord has risen and came to see them?  When the Lord appeared again, he validated St. Thomas’  doubt and let him view and touch his wounds. 

You can believe that all those who betrayed the Lord witnessed his resurrection. The Lord appeared to Saul/Paul the apostle, knocked him off his horse.  Saul/Paul was blinded until he could saw himself as apostle of the gentiles.

This life of matter/material is a test.. why desire all on earth when you’re just passing through?

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