“Former Meth Addict, Now A Christian!”

8 thoughts on ““Former Meth Addict, Now A Christian!”

  1. I listed to that video for a few minutes, but I won’t even continue to waste my time on it. If you look at him properly, he is definitely not interested in what he is doing. He is only hiding behind the robe of Christianity. At my well intelligent and educated age I have reached in my life, I have listened, I have studied what goes on around me, and finally I have taken my decision which I did many years ago. I now look at churches as buildings! nothing more and nothing less!

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      1. I hope it will be. I believe in a river because I can see it flowing, I believe in a bird, I can see it flying, I believe in a tree, it is bearing either green leaves, beautiful flowers and or fruits and I can see it in my eyes. But some writings and teaching that I don’t know where it comes from, who wrote it, hmmmm it is kind of too heavy for me take it in. I was born Christian, from a well known Anglican family, but my faith is in my heart, I don’t preach, I don’t hassle anybody on the streets or in my neighbourhood about the bible, about jesus, or god. I leave it where it is, in the bible and I keep my faith in my heart. But if someone ever stops me anywhere to start preaching what they think they know, now they are in trouble, because I will have to tell them to back off since I don’t wanna know. This is what is bringing war and misunderstandings in the world. There are certain things that people should be using them softly within their hearts, they are forcing others to believe in what they themselves believe in, and this is wrong. We are all human beings. We should give freedom of thinking and freedom of beliefs to our fellow human beings. And like this the world may turn around and become a better place.
        On day my father told me that since the beginning of writing men have been fighting and till today men are still at war and that men will never understand each other. When I think back on that moment he told me that, “he did not lie to me, he told me the truth.”

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        1. maybe he will, but he doesn’t annoy us with it, he does it in a special way for his world but with no annoyance, but it is only men on the planet earth who just don’t understand to keep quiet about how they believe in their faith, they should keep it to themselves in their hearts and stop making a mess out of it. And like this we can all live in peace.

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        2. Many will begin to understand the importance of not keeping quiet the gospel in a disturbed world. Tower and Flights/AOC loves the Lord our God and his mysteries. Real love isn’t forceful because it’s the perfect goodness of life. We all must come into His Love and ‘Live His love’!


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