Here Are Two Examples: Hopeless (Or Mindless) And Helpless?

13 thoughts on “Here Are Two Examples: Hopeless (Or Mindless) And Helpless?

  1. I think that sometimes people are so engrossed in their own lives, they don’t realize how they can have a positive impact on others. I am sincerely hoping that someone looked up from their phones long enough to see that poor women needed their help. Thank you for sharing AOC. I’ll make an effort to look up and see my surroundings once in a while…

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  2. I imagine if I were that lady I would be praying for the young people ignoring her. They will be where she is someday, if they’re fortunate. Thanks very much for reading my blog!

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  3. As a middle school teacher, I’ve found that a lot of kids just haven’t been taught manners – maybe because their PARENTS are too busy and/or self-absorbed? They learn quickly, though. My students quickly got to the point where they would stand up when an adult entered the room, and the look of delight on the pretty young teacher’s face was enough reinforcement for the boys to keep up the good behavior. 😉

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    1. The state of the world is really sad. You are a conscientious and excellent teacher. I know for a fact that we cannot escape from the dividend of our deeds, even when it is due to our own ignorance. We learn thru the impact of all ignorance and misdeeds. If we cannot get one another on tract, God will get us together, no doubt. Thank you for your visit and comment. Keep blessing! And stay blessed!

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    1. You are welcome. And yes, sadly so., respect for the most part is gone.The cause and effect will wakeup the consciousness of human interactions. Thanks for visiting.


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