Sexual Perversions – Bayside NY Messages from Heaven

Our Lady… JUNE 16, 1977 “My children, you must separate what is important and what is not. The spirit is your eternal flame. You will guide by it, My children. Nourish your spirit and not your human bodies. Too, much time is spent in amusement of the human body, seeking entertainment that is being created by satan to poison your minds.

As I have counseled you in the past, your medias of entertainment are polluted. Your children must be protected against this pollution in pornography and exploitation of sex.
“O parents, you have the greatest battle now to keep the souls of your children from contamination. the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so protect your children’s eyes: watch what they read and what they look upon.

Discipline your children and you shall not cry later as parents.”

Immaculate Mother Apparition to Seer Veronica Bayside New York from 1970-1994/95?…until Veronica’s death

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