A Relationship with God in Christ

Imagine all of your worries, needs and problems going away, FOREVER!

All should be shouting HALLELUJAH!

In the midst of all of this evil there is Salvation Now!

We Have a God!

Let Us Thank God in Christ our Redeemer, for Prayer to Connect with Him!

A Commentary by JonAk-TowerAndFlights/AmericaOnCoffee

4 thoughts on “A Relationship with God in Christ

  1. I love that saying AOC. I always find it difficult to understand those who do not believe. After all – they have to know they aren’t here because of any action on their part. So, what do they think it is? Science? And who created all the ‘rules’ that make up science? Aren’t they more complicated than any one person can fathom? Even with all the schooling that our most gifted scientists go through and constant learning, there is always more to understand. Who does someone who does not believe that God exists think this came from – the thin air? While I respect the opinions of others, I cannot help but think it is very narrow-minded thinking. Especially from smart people. Thank you for sharing that – and for creating a forum for letting me vent… 🙂 hugs!


    1. Praying for one another and non-believers diminishes the burdens of evil that we all are up against.

      Deep down inside of each and every one of us human beings, we know that we are powerless. We know that life is a process that all are a part of since the beginning. Excitedly God will very soon reveal–according to the book of revelation, “and His Kingdom will have no end”. Hugs!

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