God Can Bring Each And Every One Of Us Down On Our Knees

4 thoughts on “God Can Bring Each And Every One Of Us Down On Our Knees

    1. God can turn us around, and he can allow evil to fine tune us for his will. God makes crooked paths straight. God will allow a person to get their head bumped until that person gets it right. Long story short… if we are unwilling to wakeup, God will wake us up.


      1. Exactly! We often misjudge struggles and obstacle and then blame God for making us walk through pain, but to be honest, everything is for personal growth. If your pain hasn’t left you yet, then you haven’t learnt the lesson

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        1. And, Your right, life’s struggles are to refine us in the areas of our weaknesses. Unhappy results and our conscience are to cheer us on to the betterment goal. Thanks. evangelizing friend for this stimulating chat.❤☕


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