The Immaculate Mother in Medjugorje Bosnia

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Medjugorje is a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s been an unofficial place of Catholic pilgrimage since the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared on Apparition Hill in 1981. There is a “Queen of Peace” statue marking the site of the 1st apparition and one in front of the St. James Church. Liquid has been said to drip frommore

Mirjana, March 2, 2010 Apparition and Message – Our Lady of Medjugorje speaks today of something that we are all in waiting for. Description, pictures from the apparition, and an important writing from A Friend of Medjugorje.

There has been a lot of rain in Medjugorje recently and it was not certain if the apparition would be at the Blue Cross this morning because of the conditions. It was a cause of great joy that the decision was made to gather at the Blue Cross on Apparition Mountain for the apparition.

Mirjana arrived at the site of the Blue Cross at the foot of Apparition Mountain, this morning at 8:30 AM, March 2, 2010. It always causes an excited stir among the crowd when Mirjana comes into view as people know they are only a few minutes away from being with Our Lady in the Apparition.

Mirjana’s hands, which just a moment before had been folded in prayer, suddenly open up, while her head lifts up at the same time, indicating to all that Our Lady has arrived in the apparition.

Mirjana’s face is very intense, completely absorbed in what is taking place in the apparition. No one who studies the face of Mirjana as She receives Our Lady’s latest message can take lightly these words, or receive them only with curiosity. It brings to mind the message Our Lady gave in 1983, “…When God comes among men, He does not come to joke but to say serious things.”

Mirjana responds to the beautiful presence of Our Lady with a look of love and surrender on her own face. One can look at Mirjana with a holy envy to be able to look into the face of the Virgin Mary, and hear Her voice today say, “…I will teach you love, love which wipes away all sins and makes you perfect, love which gives you the peace of my Son now and forever…”

Our Lady said to visionary Marija from the Bedroom of Apparitions at Caritas,“I give you my love so you can give it to others.” Here, the look of love on Mirjana’s face as she greets the pilgrims around her after the apparition, today, March 2, 2010, cannot but be a reflection of the love Mirjana saw reflected upon the face of Our Lady Herself just moments before.

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And for the pilgrims, it is for them an incredible experience just to catch a glimpse of this woman visionary who is connected to Heaven in a way that no one else who has ever lived has been connected, with the exception of the other five visionaries of Medjugorje. full story here

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