When You Don’t Love God

–you cannot love or respect yourself or your fellow man.

Our love for God has to grow and become huge because God’s love for us is huge.


Thru Jesus Christ, Who Lives and Reigns In The Unity Of The Holy Spirit, One God Forever And Ever! ~the Holy Mass~

And it is the Holy Spirit who bears the fruit of love in our lives and gives us a common care for each other (Galatians 5:22). 

2 thoughts on “When You Don’t Love God

  1. We become one with Messiah Yeshua in His Holy Spirit.
    Born again and experiencing our own Pentecost.
    He baptizes us in His Spirit after repentance followed by gracious enlightenment with faith.
    The work is the Father’s and His Son’s alone. We become objects of His Mercy.
    We are not dependent upon any “ism”.

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