The Outer You vs the Inner You

Many People Would Be Shocked If They Found Their True Selves Were Not the Outer Exterior But Their Inner Being

Down in the seat of your soul is seated the seed of one’s true self, the real self. With every thing you really are and the roots of your being. your treasures your kingdom.

2021 A commentary from JonAk – TowerAndFlights/AmericsOnCoffee. (AOC)

The spirit of man is contained in a shell, called the “flesh”, which makes racism and ulterior profiling, absurd.

What if when the Body Dies and Your True Self Emerges Not Your Flesh but your spirit? How Beautiful or How Ugly would you be?

Christ is Coming to reward everyone accordingly (scriptures) and our true selves will be exposed.

If I am so tied into the sinful and dying world then I must bear its same characteristics. But, if I am spiritually inclined away from the world’s chaos then, I should be closer to:

The Kingdom of Heaven is within (scriptures)

King James. Luke 17:21
Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. source

A practical Testimony


—and, there I was standing amidst total desolation, I was bare, without anyone or anything.

Your spirit vs your flesh…The work of you your wordly nature vs your spiritual nature.

Is your spirit stronger than your flesh?

*To know you in spirit…your exterior deeds. Contaminate your interior life 

Is your true self your outer being? If so, some people will come to know how horrible they really are.

Is your spirit stronger than your physical?

Is your physical stronger than your spiritual?

The work of you your wordly nature vs your spiritual nature, will unfold into the merits of a NEW YOU! JonAk

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