The Greater Sorrows to Come!

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May 30, 1977…Jesus with the Immaculate Mother “You and the world’s peoples will experience very soon the start of the great sorrows upon mankind. If you have listened to the direction and counsel of My Mother, you have prepared your household well. Step by step, the rising tides shall engulf mankind. Before many of those who listen now to My counsel, before long, I say unto you: you will have received direct confirmation of the prophecies from Heaven. My children, you will keep your armor about you; protect your children with this armor. It has been given to you for good reason.

If you cannot understand in your human mind, accept it through faith, and gain. If you reject the counsel of my mother, your reject the salvation of your soul and children’s souls.” “The world leaders in the nations of the earth have received a great part of the counsel of my mother. You must all keep a constant vigil of prayer going throughout your country and the world. Prayer can only now melt the hearts of those who have closed their ears. My children, continue on your mission. Your prayers shall bring many back before the tribulation.” Bayside Messages NY

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