The Moral To Man’s Own Story–

The closest man has ever journeyed towards heaven has not been atmospheric through his building of towers, or his hallucinatory or planetary explorations, but–“CYBERSPACE”.


Can we consider “CYBERSPACE” as possibly being man’s final frontier (during these last days)? There are many proofs that as man continuously abstracts himself from his earthly roots the more alienation surfaces (adverse affects of nature).

And, is it not true that each time man has reached up and out seeking Heavenly frontiers, He has never sought to reach or to be with God—

BUT, to be God Himself?

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21 thoughts on “The Moral To Man’s Own Story–

  1. Torah justice – the definition of Love. טוב
    What does it mean: da’aven for the peace of Jerusalem? Based upon the premise that tefilla and pray two completely (oil and water\day and night) different ideas. Simple question. Did Solomon obey the last will and testament commanded by his father? As king, Shlomo immediately worked to build Solomon’s Temple. Simple question. What does the story of the 2 prostitutes, each claiming that the 1 surviving new born lived as the baby mothered by each woman…have to do with king Shlomo’s decision to build the Temple in Jerusalem? Simple question. Did king Shlomo obey the advice which the prophet Natan, who rebuked king David,,, when David expressed feelings of guilt for living in high style while the dwelling place for HaShem – a permanent tent? [[[[The covering roof over Shilo – Shilo…,,, the Capital city of the 1st Commonwealth of the Republic of Tribes – a tent as a roof.]]]] Compare the son of Shlomo, who traveled to the city of Sh’Cem to receive the oil anointment of “Moshiach”, king of Israel. Now consider a simple question: Did Rechav`am heed the advice given by the elder Ministers, who served in the Administration of king Shlomo. Therefore does the behavior of Rechavam compare to the decision of king Shlomo to build the Beit HaMikdash??

    If king Shlomo determined a course of policy, different from the advice given by the prophet Natan unto David. Therefore, king David’s last Will and Testament, what did it obligate the new king Shlomo to do? Answer: To rebuild the 6 Cities of Refuge; affirm the Federal Court System of small and Great Sanhedrin(s). Therefore the story of the 2 prostitutes, who resented their conflict before the Court of king Shlomo – NOT before Capital Crimes small Sanhedrin court into one of the 6 cities of refuge, to plea for her life before the Court. The Case: Accidental Death. Did the mother who smothered her new born child, did this crime occur with or without intent?

    The justice of king Shlomo, he made a test by which he succeeded to determine the real mother of the living child. But did king Shlomo compel the mother who slept upon and thereby suffocated her new born baby – to flee to one of the six cities of refuge? This question implies that king Sholomo rebelled and disobeyed the last Will and Testament of King David. Simple question: Did king David base his last Will and Testament commandment decreed upon king Shlomo ((((((whom David, or a servant of David, anointed Shlomo as Moshiach king of Israel)))))), upon the Last Will and Testament commandment decreed by Moshe the prophet, upon all Israel – the Cohen nation?

    Justice Justice pursue – rule the oath sworn lands of the Cohen nation – through lateral Common Law Federal Courts, established through the Federal small\Great Sanhedrin system. Prosecution evidence: No European Court ever once held the Xtian church leaders on trial on the charge of committing War Crimes. All Goyim Courts of European Law, equally failed to enforce justice, within the jurisdiction of any of these “vertical courts”; this corrupt court system never imposed upon the guilty any compensation for damages willfully and purposely inflicted – 1st degree premeditated murder. [[[[Vertical Courts: the Executive Authority of any Government, the State pays the salaries of the Judges of the Courts, the Prosecuting Attorney(s) of the Courts, and the Police which enforce the rulings made by these Vertical Court justices.]]]].

    Peace rests upon the foundation of trust. You never make peace with an enemy because — an enemy by definition – a person who merits no trust. Peace applies to family and neighbors. Love your neighbor as yourself. Peace applies strictly and only with people who share a sworn alliance as partners. Such a sworn alliance goes by the Torah term “brit”.

    Peace in the context of Jerusalem: Justice Justice pursue …through the Federal Common Law lateral court system or small and Great Sanhedrin(s). This key term love, much hinges upon. The mitzva of evening and morning kre’a sh’ma separates the t’ruma from the common. The k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a sh’ma accepted as an oath obligation upon oneself — the responsibility for the consequences of all the Torah curses. The k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a sh’ma accepted as an oath obligation upon oneself — the responsibility for the consequences of all the Torah blessings. The contrast between Oil and Water\Night and Day. Love which lacks acceptance of responsibility for all actions — does not exist as Love.


      1. Not at all. Day and night difference. The T’NaCH commands Mussar. The halachic rulings of the beit din lateral courts of common law — they shape and determine the halacha\LAW.


        1. Greed, dishonor and selfishness speak for themselves. Blessings!


        1. God is our foundation in every aspect of life. 🙏


    1. Amen. We try to stimulate righteousness the best we can to impact our hostile world. We are looking forward delivering more in the very near future. God be with you .


    La vie c’est la pluie
    C’est le beau temps
    C’est la rosée du matin
    La douceur d’un coucher de soleil

    La vie est un sourire
    Une larme
    Des souvenirs, des espoirs
    Des jours noirs et de jours bleus

    La vie c’est toi, c’est moi
    C’est nous, c’est tout
    C’est le souffle divin de notre cœur
    C’est le plus précieux

    La vie. C’est un changement
    S’adapter, essayer. Tomber. Échouer
    Se relever et gagner

    La vie. N’essaie pas de la prévoir
    De la deviner,
    De la comprendre
    Ou de la changer.

    La vie. Vis-la au jour le jour…
    Avec confiance, courage, optimisme et amour
    Accroche un sourire à tes lèvres
    Regarde bien droit devant toi
    Suit Ton ETOILE
    Bise Amitié BERNARD

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    1. Yes yes! Your words of wisdom are uplifting:

      Life is rain
      It’s good weather
      It’s the morning dew
      The sweetness of a sunset

      Life is a smile
      A tear
      Memories, hopes
      Black days and blue days

      Life is you, it’s me
      That’s us, that’s all
      It is the divine breath of our heart
      It’s the most precious

      Life. This is a change
      Adapt, try. Publication date. To fail
      Get up and win

      Life. Don’t try to predict it
      To guess it,
      To understand it
      Or to change it.

      Life. Live it day by day …
      With confidence, courage, optimism and love
      Put a smile on your lips
      Look straight ahead
      Follow Your STAR
      Bise Amitié BERNARD


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