This Evil Generation


Recently, while in a time of fellowship with the Lord, He said this: “Demons perform on demand, especially when My Name is spoken. This is one of their favorite deceptions. But know this, I am a Sovereign God.

I don’t come every time someone calls, and I don’t perform on command. I only act according to My will and purpose and in My timing. And I don’t act to bless you, I act to fulfill My will and purpose, which is a blessing to you”

In other words, God isn’t sitting around waiting for people to call His name so He can come running to see what they want. He isn’t like some trained circus animal, ready to jump through a hoop as soon as someone sticks one in His face.

How ludicrous! Yet that’s exactly what many in the traditional church believe today. They travel around from place to place, drive for hours, and spend thousands of dollars on airfare and motels to see the latest circus, otherwise known as a “signs and wonders revival meeting”.


All because they think certain anointed men have this gift of making God do what they want, when they want. This won’t be popular, but I have to say it, if that’s what you believe, then you don’t know God! You only have a conception of God, and it’s a wrong one.

When you look at it in context (something that’s not very popular today, isolated phrases and verses are a lot more flexible), Ezekiel 20:9,14,22 all tell us that God acts to

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30 thoughts on “This Evil Generation

  1. I wish I could show this post to some “Youshouldgotochurch” people that tried to convince me repeatedly to go see this prophet guy named Israel. Great post. I enjoyed reading it very much.

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  2. We know that today’s going ons were bibically noted long ago. God knew the state we’d fall into and sent us redemption. God is beyond Awesome! Your riverboat cruise post is very nice and does the imagination good in this extreme hot summer weather. 💔

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    1. For sure! I suppose many people are not affected by the end-time sufferings. It seems that some of us are experiencing troubles early. And, those not affected now will expierience a heavier impact of troubles and sorrows as time draw nearer to the end. 😕

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      1. Actually all people are affected. The secret is, you need to see that beyond the physical calamities. Many people suffer in their minds and spirit unable to deliver themselves into the Unsurpassed Bliss of inner Heaven where Gods keeps beckoning for them to turn in but unfortunately the people of the world are unable to see the face of God due to their accumulated sin, karma and untellable selfishness, not to mention the venereal disease called SEPARATENESS.

        Thanks for the love and compassion for the world. We have a role to play in this coming civilization where men need to know God well.

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        1. Maybe I am seeing too many people going about happily in the increasing upheavals. I am also considering those born after the babyboomers, i.e., generations xyz and/or millennials who know nothing but a troubled world. So, they are seemigly comfortable for now. Those who realize now, may be better braced for the coming allout hell… If we are faithful and prayed up.❤😇

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        2. Not a dying, falling world. Baby boomers were appalled at murder and all sorts of crimes. Many hace become desensitzed w/evil an every day ordinary. Happy? No one not really. Unless we find that State of being with God, in God in Christ. Nice dialogging with you. Enjoy your rest of the week. ❤💕😇

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