2022 Combat Crystal Meth:  The Demons, the Evils and Horrors 

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When I got high I always saw people following me or messing with me been in six different hospitals because of it I’m a Christian still struggling to get off this drug. Can someone answer me this question How come everytime I get high I always think about Jesus Christ and how he is able to deliver me from this drug.

Treila Morgan
3 months ago

Confirmed as true here as well. I let it control me for too long and lost so much. I’ve been set free 10 years now and possess a degree in management. Still trying to get back what was stolen by the devil. God promises to return all that was stolen. Jesus saves….

3 months ago

So i used meth for 15 years im proud to say that iv been clean for almost 2 yrs now but i have hod horrible things happen to me and my family during my meth using time. Using meth put me in prision away from my children twice. My two older childrens father has been dead for 6 years due to his meth use when he passed i was in prision if i had been in the world i probably would have killed my self. But i went back to meth when i got out during that time i seen black shadowy figures with glowing red eyes in my neighbors yard almost every night. For three years straight i did not sleep barely ate. I fought with my boyfriend who i had a child with constatly i would hit him try and beat him up. Accuse him of doing things that i still dont know are real or if i was making it up. I begged God to help me i ended up in prision where i found God while i was in prison my mother was trying to take my children by the grace of the Lord i am saved and still have all three of my beautiful children and i give all my thanks to The Lord above… There were times when i moved out of state trying to be rid of that drug and the evil it was bringing to me but ended up still doing meth. So i would move back to where i new hiw to get drugs faster and cheaper im telling u nothing would help me be rid of meth it was NOTHING SHORT OF GOD that delivered me from meth..

5 months ago

And I need to add…God allowed me to do the drug and not become addicted because of the fear that’s continuing to keep others from him.. I’ve read stories here of others feeling damned to hell…No your not!!!!!!

If you feel any guilt or anything bad if you feel hopeless ….then you must understand your not lost yet!!!!!

Its satans lies to keep you feeling far from God ….God is right with you while you’re doing drugs…..Do you think some man made drug can seperate you from the father who made the universe and everything in it? …… Come on ! Don’t be deceived by holier than thou people or nightmares or things Satan whispers…….YOU HAVENT RUINED ANYTHING TILL YOU TAKE YOUR LAST BREATH………DO YOU THINK YOUR EVIL WAS STRONGER THAN GOD CAN TURN FOR GOOD?


6 months ago

Its simple as this..

Some of us have had encounters/experiences in our lives with extra terrestials.Those of us who have had these experiences then try/use meth are affected much differently.ON METH..We begin to vibrate at a higher frequency which takes us directly into the astral realm and lower 4th dimensions which contains all types of entities.You have Reptilians who from the lowe forth will literally attach to your solar plexus and or sacral chakra energy wheels on your back.Once attached they stimulate your sex organs and feed off of the energy you produce.The only way to detach these leeches is with high frequency sound via earphones.In fact when high you are turned into a stereo that broadcasts whatever music you are playing in your ears and projects it throughout the astral and higher dimensions

Ur lost, miss informed
6 months ago

Too many people (like you, the author of this webpage) will believe anything and continue to pollute the internet with incorrect info. Fear is the tool religion uses to trap and take advantage of simple minded fools! Meth is 5d, it only exists by thought then an action eliminating emotion. This will only work if the subject runs his/her life with plutonic love! These days we live in a society of people trapped in a right brain prison, and this is the direct reason why most methheads act the way they do (simply not ready to acend to 5d) they can’t resonate in this dimension. I could keep on going forever about ur miss guided concepts, but I won’t. I’ll simply say ur so far from the truth it sad, ur stuck in a belief system without asking the who, what, when, where and whys.

The key to existence is to past beyond fear, have a think about that before you write someone else’s ideas that u r parroting without any thought of ur own.

6 months ago

I am so glad I read this. I am almost six months clean. However, what I went through on meth haunts me to this very day. I was on heroin for five years and meth only six months. Meth took my addiction to a whole other level. It took me completely away from my kids and reality. It was the reason I attempted suicide three times. I seen and heard things and I thought that I was crazy. I have wanted to know the truth behind it all. I believe this article because I lived with Wiccans and that is how I got introduced to the spiritual world. I turned my life over to God and only because of God am I clean today.

Katie Seagal
6 months ago from Hollywood, CA

My stories of meth use are so old that I could see the cobwebs on them, but when I read this, it brought it all back to me in a flash, even though I have nothing to do with it! Thank God, who got me free.

6 months ago

I would also like to say that it is not too late for you to call out to God. His arm is not too short to pull you out of the pit. No matter what you have done, He loves you! Cry out to Him with all of your heart and see if He doesn’t answer…God bless you!

6 months ago

It is so sad to see how many are deceived, thinking they are saved, but continue in a lifestyle of drugs, sin, and darkness. Good and evil, or light and darkness cannot dwell in the same place. If any of you are looking for a way to get off of drugs, Teen Challenge is an awesome organization to help you. You do not have to be a teen, although that is in the name. Many adults go through this program. They have a very high success rate. Please get help for your sake and for the people who love you!

Katie Seagal
7 months ago from Hollywood, CA

I had to start a new post to tell you another “meth” incident. And again, no devils or demons were involved. Another time, I had done meth. The same friend as before was at my place. This time I was telling my friend about another childhood memory. It was when I bought a motorcycle cycle trail bike I had bought against my mom’s wishes. My dad had died the month before, so I just bought it. I was so happy to have it. It was like a lucky charm. I told my friend a whole bunch of stuff about that motorcycle. I finished the long ago memory by telling him about the accident I had on the bike. I was riding fast down our street when my neighbor pulled out of his driveway. I saw him and got scared so put on the front break and the bike tilted and the back wheel came around and I fell off and slid down the pavement. I had cut both my knees and my elbows and was pretty shaken up. But I got up with the help of my neighbor who was a Mormon man (God was there). He said, “I could have killed you! Are you okay?” I said I was, but blood was dripping down my legs and arms. He helped me to my house. I quietly walked in and washed up and my brother helped me bandage it all up. My mom hated that motorcycle, so when she came home, I put on a long sleeved nightgown that covered me all the way to my feet to hide the injuries and bandages. I was also very upset and shook up, but when she came in, she noticed and asked if I was okay. I said yes. Then she sat on my bed and asked me outright, “Are you having sex?” I said, “NO WAY!” She thought I was because I had this look on my face. I swore to her I was not having sex. then she saw blood staining the elbow of the nightgown and found out about my accident and was none too happy. I was telling my friend about this whole motorcycle thing with me as a kid. We talked a great deal about it that night. Then, the next morning, I turn on the news. The first story was about the Chief of Police who was riding a dirt bike that actually looked like the one I used to ride as a kid. I sat in shock as the story unfolded. He went dirt bike riding and his wife didn’t want him to go. She begged him not to, but he didn’t listen. So he’s riding his motorcycle on this dirt path by the beach and suddenly, for some reason, he lost control of the bike and fell off and broke his hip! Again, I was blown away by this. I was on meth at the time. That was the second time something like this happened when I was on meth and chatting about an old memory as a kid. I ran the story back for my friend and he was again blown away by the fact that I was talking about the motorcycle memory of my past in great detail. Again, it’s not God, or a magic trick, a demon or the devil! Again, it goes back to the brain frequency that for some reason the meth opened up again. So my brain picked up the frequency about the story which had aired the day before. That day was Sunday, and I had not watched any tv the night before! They had broadcast the story Saturday night, but I never heard it. Instead, my brain did. Due to the open receptor when I was on the meth that evening, my brain frequency picked up the frequency of the story on the news, even if the TV was off. That didn’t matter. Again, I was amazed at this. Intriguing and very odd. No evil either. I must have talked about that motorcycle accident for a good solid hour. Then we went to bed. The next morning I turn on the news and the first story was that motorcycle accident that put the Chief of police flat on his back. I showed my friend all the scars I got from my accident and we both marveled at the way the brain can be affected by stimulants like Meth. But you can’t just keep doing it. You do a few hits, and let it ride. My mind was wide open for it. So I decided to keep watching the news. I was not on meth. It had worn off hours before. I’m watching and all of a sudden the news is talking about other things I was talking about that night! We talked about my trip to Albuquerque New Mexico, also in great detail. All of a sudden Trump comes on and the news said that he was in a state that hardly any candidate went to, and it flashed right there. Again, my brain frequency (not demons or devil) must have picked up on the story frequency. But there he was, right where I was going to go, and what I was talking about it that night, as well as the motorcycle kid story. They also said “Ft. Lauderdale Fl.” 2 times. My family is there, and I was telling my friend all about how they have rejected me and live in Ft. Lauderdale. We again talked in great length about it, and yes, I was on meth that night of the discussion. Then the morning news shows James Comey the FBI director. I had also told my friend that night (on meth) that I was living in a house for 10 years that was owned by James Comey’s sister. Told my friend that night about how she would always call and say, “When James retires, he will live in the house and you guys will have to leave,” which blew my mind when I saw him on the news. Again, no demons or devils, no overuse of the meth, and again my brain picked it up that night too. So the meth opens doors to the brain that usually are closed. I think what you are getting mixed up about is how Adam and Eve ate the apple (meth) and found knowledge, but from what the Bible says, it was evil knowledge. All the knowledge I picked up was frequencies from the stories aired on TV while the TV was shut off, and then the next morning, after I had talked about all the subjects I mentioned, I see most all of them in some form on the news. So I can’t agree with your theory at all. The only demons we have are the ones in our heads. The devil is not real, but devilish thoughts do run though our brains, so maybe you got mixed up. Or maybe you’ve been with meth heads who abused the drug and didn’t use good sense. Any drug can be useful in small doses. After that, I stopped doing the meth. No side effects except the first 4 days, and then I felt back to normal somewhat. I believe that when those receptors are open so wide from the drug, you can pick up some great stuff, memories from frequencies broadcast through the airwaves. Now with Wireless and WIFI, this can be easily achieved, especially if you have the knowledge of how to use Meth. So I had to put my two cents in. Thanks. God bless. No devils or demons here.

Matt von Schwerin
8 months ago

Humanity has been using drug induced states since thousands and thousands of years before recorded history or before any perversions of spirituality into religious doctrine and dogmas. It used to be done in a controlled environment with the spiritual and tribal elders and shamans as a rite of attaining adulthood, or finding ones special craft or status within a tribe, and in such situations “bad trips” were controlled and learned from. Because drugs simply magnify and enhance what is both within and without, it is not true that they are inherently evil or good. They are simply a tool and wether used to find good or ill, or excuse good or bad deeds on the part of the user- is entirely an individual concern. The government has flooded this dysfunctional society it and the powers that be have created with negative sigils and symbols, and black magic- therefore it may be true that one is more likely to see dark forces manifested – however that doesn’t mean that is all there is to see – and it takes a strong user to have an unguided positive first trip. Be careful be positive & Mohalo!

10 months ago

Several years ago I started to sense the presence of evil while on crystal meth. I came across this article as a result of this sense, and it spurred an awakening in my life. I began to realize I was playing with fire. Here now years later I was inspired to write my story; however it was just to long for this comment section, so I created a new hub page. Here’s a short teaser:

I’ve been considering writing this for a long time. Deep down, I’ve known this story needs to be told. I have kept silent because of the overwhelming fear I had about what people might think. My goal is to finally be able to let some of this stuff go, because it causes me a lot of pain. I would also like to give back to the people who shared their stories on the Hubpages article, “The Truth about Crystal Meth, Witchcraft, and Demons.” When I found this site, I found word-for-word experiences of what I went through myself. Finding this website was a big part of me finding Jesus and getting sober.

Finding the Hubpages was a big part of me finding Jesus and getting sober. I am going to say the name, Jesus, throughout this story instead of God or my Higher Power. The reason is that through all my experiences, I have come to believe that not only is God real, but that Jesus Christ is God. If you aren’t a believer, trust me, I get it. A few years ago, I would’ve read the first couple sentences and completely shut down once I heard the name “Jesus.” My idea of spirituality for years was eating hallucinogens. After experiencing these different levels of consciousness, I became very interested in a lot of New Age stuff which lead me to eventually believe in a God but most definitely not Jesus. I’m asking you to please not let the name Jesus stop you from reading further. This is the story of how a God that I wanted nothing to do with never stopped loving me and transformed my life when I was about ready to give up. I’m currently writing this in rehab with 8 months sober. I’ve been doing drugs for the past 16 years and this is the longest I’ve ever been sober….

Please continue reading at the following link: https://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/Jesus-Sav…

10 months ago

I used meth on my youth from 16-19….I escaped it’s destruction but feel I do not completely escape it’s ghosts. When I was on meth, as is typical my family was going through hard times. We had a house that no one was ever at home except for me.i had a little room on top of the garage, disconnected and alone. I would,so to speak, tweak out alone all night. I would obsessively look for meth on the ground, pick at myself, look out the window, etc. I believe my one saving grace is that I would constantly pray to Jesus to help me. I would obsessively pick apart the bible (although ashamed now to have disrespected the word in my meth addled state in doing so), and write theories on what evil is and what the devil does to destroy us. Now as I am clean, I see now that it helped to keep my mind on Jesus in some respect, but I was just drawing the devil into my world. I would hear footsteps outside my room. I would see shadows in my room. One time driving on the freeway at night to score, a shadow man came in front of my car. Initially, I did peg this as hallucinations from the chemical effect of the drug. But nowadays I believe what this article says is true because I still battle demons. I have dreams where I’m excorcism demons with such passion and force that it jolts me awake and the awful feeling trickles into the next day. In my dreams I’m yelling as passionately as I can for the demon to leave, reciting bible verses, singing Sunday school songs in desperation. I’ve been 10 years clean and just the other day I saw a pizzo in the parking lots with meth in it, and my first instinct was to grab it before someone saw and even to this day it was hard to walk away from it. The old tweaker in my reared it’s ugly head like a demon. I follow Christ these days, and though I am a happy and positive person, I am scared at times that my evil is not truly gone. All I can do is pray and do the best I can as a flawed wretch, and keep my humility as a reminder of how easily i can lose God forever if I give up.

11 months ago

Your article is the first communication I have read from anyone that knows exactly some of the stuff I have went through. My story: After being by myself for a decade, I prayed and asked God if there was anyone in His great creation that would be right for me. I missed male ccompanionship even though I had been actively studying my Bible, doing jail ministry, attending almost every service my church would have: Sunday school, Sunday morning services, Wednesday evening services and Friday nights overcomers meeting (basically for those who were coming out of jail and trying to break various drug/drinking habits. But I also attended to help me overcome several things that were weighing me down in life.

A wonderful man came into my life. That was almost 6 years ago. At the end of the fourth year we knew we had fallen in love with each other. I was 60 at the time. He was a few years older and a ‘retired outlaw biker’.

It was just about the time I turned 61 that we picked up an old habit common to both of us…smoking pot. That was just before he introduced me to meth. I was curious. He said the high was a little bit like the one you get from smoking pot. Before I knew it, things were taking a very dark turn. I watched as a satanic ritual was performed before my very eyes in which my boyfriend was used as a major tool during this horrible event. I felt frozen to my chair and the things I saw are still to this day unspeakable acts of evil. I went for days and nights without eating or sleeping. By the third or fourth days I was in full hallucination mode….or as your article explains, I was a puppet of satan’s as was my love. All my fears were coming true at an alarming rate. I tried to talk to my family about things I believed to be true. My family are all born again Christians as I am as well. They listen to my dark tales in varying states of astonishment, sadness, confusion, and anger. My sister finally put her foot down. As I would describe what I could see out the window, she adamantly stated: YOU ARE HALLUCINATING! THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE. Those were actually words my soul wanted to hear, but my mind wouldn’t accept it. I did infact feel spiritually my eyes were open to things and fears I felt I needed to shield them from. I saw the sadness and the disappointment in all my loved ones eyes. Except for my boyfriend. He just kept the meth coming in and i followed him deeper into darker and terrifying states of mind. We would break up and get back together. I loved him so much and truly believed God had brought this man into my life. Unfortunately, at the end of my run with satan’s drug, I told him i was off of it and if he continued to choose it over me, I would have to leave. No fighting, just calm stating of the way I needed our relationship to be. He/me had seen evil spirits enter into our home. And in the end, because they were female demons and knew how to appease his sexual appetite better than I, he chose them. There were three. I’ve now been off that crap for over a month and feel no desire to go back. I left him to his choices a few weeks back, changed my phone number, and then homeless, my sister allowed me to move in with her with the stipulation that if I EVER went back to that stuff I would know to never again enter into her life. The love of my sister to keep telling me that none of what I went through was truth, my Savior reminding me of certain scriptures, and the heartbreaking memory of the faces of my loved ones as I took two trips to the hospital, both accompanied by the police….all that is what has lifted me out of that hell. I will always love the man God brought into my life and with the love I have I will continue to pray for him. But I know I can never again be with him. I thank God for the family that raised me, for the daughters and grandchildren that I helped raise, and mostly for the Savior that never one time forgot this lost sheep. I still suffer from one thing that hasn’t went away yet, and that is the feeling and belief that I am infested with worms. I have tried to show my family and I have went to the doctor several times over this issue. I am trying my hardest and praying many times a day that it is true that I am still just hallucinating it all. But even now, I am still concerned that this stuff ‘on me’ will eventually infest them too and it breaks my heart. But like my doctor finally announced to me, “I’m NOT buying it!” Like my sister keeps telling me, “oh nonsence! you do NOT have worms. It is still the affects of that stupid drug!!” I continue to pray and try very hard to believe what they tell me. If anyone here reads this and prays, please say a prayer that this last thing will go away. Thank you so much for this article. I can’t explain how comforting it is to hear from someone that also knows about the shadow people and the demons that I have seen. God Bless you all and everyone that reads this article.


11 months ago

I am 20 years old. I started reading the Bible in late 2015. I wanted a relationship with God and tried my best to be a Christian during the week but on the weekends i would party with my friends. I asked God to give me dreams about what I was doing wrong and for months i would have dreams of partying. Dreams of me walking out of the church to go party. I knew i needed to stop partying but i thought “its okay i can stop later, the blood of Jesus can forgive my sins” so i kept doing it despite the warnings in my dreams. I had a dream that i went over to get drugs at this persons house and these fat people on the couch said “have you ever done meth?” And i said no why and they said “it allows us to know your thoughts and how you think” and i said i didnt know what that meant and they said you will see. I then went out to my truck with my friend and busted out some coke we got and before the dream ended i saw a lightning bolt in the coke. About a week later i actually went and bought coke with the friend that was with me in my dream. We got 2 grams and did half a g and later that day i was reminded of my dream and i was like wow there was a lightning bolt in the coke thats probly not good so i poured it down the toilet. Then i had a dream that i was at my aunts house and i went to go ask her a question then came outside and a cop walked up and said “what are yall doing?” (btw the cops in my dream are what i interpret as God aka authority) and i said we are just hanging out and he handcuffed me and then uncuffed me and i look over at this hill by my aunts house and fire came rolling down the hills and i stayed with the cop and said “bye drunk people yall have fun”. About a week or two after that dream i went out to my aunts and invited some friends of mine to drink and take what we thought was molly. A friend gived good light shows if he has glow sticks so he asked me to see if my aunt had any so i went into her room to ask her and all of the sudden i remembered my dream and was like okay i dont want this dream to come true. So i walked back outside with my friends and im standing around thinking and all of the sudden my whole body got chills and it was if this voice was speaking into my brain with a microphone. It said “you have the holy spirit, you have the holy spirit. You need to leave” and i freaked out and was like “are the cops about to come?” And it said “not actual police but something bad might happen” and i was like well its 3:30 in the morning and i dont need to leave so i went inside and was talking to these 3 distinct voices that seemed to me like the trinity. I was talking to them and they told me what i had done tonight was methamphetamine. My legs got really hot as if i was getting burned and i didnt put 2 and 2 together. I thought since i stayed with the cop in my dream i would be okay. But i was excited that this voice was telling me i had the spirit so i texted my friend and said hey i just got the spirit and all of the sudden those 3 voices went away saying “we still love you” and this evil voice took over and said “wow! What a shame! I tricked you! Youre going to hell now” and laughed this evil laugh and i just lost it. I was scared beyond belief. Ever since then my dreams have been scary and basically showing me im going to hell. I am almost positive i committed the unpardonable sin by saying what i thought was good was actually something not good. I just wanted to share my story in an attempt to save those who still have an addiction to meth or any drug for that matter. Drugs are the devil. Its a way in for him like a portal. He is very deceptive. But fortunately there is a way out and that is through JESUS CHRIST! Please people turn to Him because He loves and cares about you! Dont make the mistake i made. Once you turn to Him dont turn back. Finish the race strong! Just because i killed myself spiritually doesnt mean i want others to be doomed to hell for eternity. Seek Jesus while you still can. There is a war going on for our souls whether you believe it or not. Eternity is a long time. Dont figure out hell is real after its too late. Jesus says seek and ye shall find! If you dont find Him immediately keep seeking! He WILL reveal Himself to you. The door will be opened. God bless!

14 months ago

stay as good thinking as you possibly can in all walks your life we will stumble and we will be tested keep faith in Jesus Chtist and know this battle had slready been won for it is the Lord Jeszs Christ who walked in the flesh the true physical manifestation of God. Know yourself , I smoke meth and yes my friends or people I know or all trying to kill me however the drug brings on phycotic side effects to some, Do not give power to any negativity ( this article) be aware that even scary movies can be harmful to ones phycy. So live try to be more peaceful, humble, forgiving, brave and full of joy, trying is faith. A mustard seed . i love you, peace

15 months ago

I’m stupid, I started using meth when I was 17. I fucked up, I was an honor roll student, a good person. I went to school, yes I dabbled around with drugs and drinking but I had it under control, it least I thought so. After I started using I was fine, I could comprehend being high on it. Although I fucked up my life, I stopped going to school, I left all my friends who were actually my friends, I left my family. I left myself. For meth. This drug showed me a life I did not understand, showed me new perspectives in life. I was scared. I started to believe I was schizophrenic. I was fucked. Now I feel it’s to late. I gave in, death is upon my dead soul. God forgive me.

Carlyn L
15 months ago

Drug comes from the greek word “Pharmakia” which means: black magic, witchcraft and sorcery. While I absolutely agree with above mentioned demonic properties of crystal meth, it is not exclusive to that drug. All drugs are accursed items which means they draw demonic activity as well as their paraphernalia and the people who use them and sell them. They will all give satans’ kingdom the legal right to access your life to steal kill and destroy you making you an accursed or cursed person with demons from hell following you feeding off of your emotions and using you to destroy others. please refer to this website for biblically backed up truth regarding this. http://www.eternallibrary.org

Team Wiseman
18 months ago

Thanks for sharing Jeff. We totally understand. The “imaginary” guy in our life had the name Jr. or Junior. If you have faith in Christ then you have freedom through obedience to Him and not these demons that are trying to run and ruin our lives. We must remember that our fight is spiritual and not carnal. Prayer or meditation on Gods Word plus obedience frees you from the crowd around us. God Bless and please continue to share your stories and share this article with others who may need a safe place to vent. May God Bless your adventures on your journey.

18 months ago

I had my story of addiction typed and close to ready to post and my pc gpt jerky and I accidentally deleted it. Im going to re-type it in microsoft word or something and then copy andpaste it to post it. This stuff blows my mind and Ive had most of the same experiences as people that have shared their stories. So close to seeing and hearing the same things it is absolutely go me scared to be in my house alone, which is bad because my girlfriend and I broke up a few months back and I am living by myself and I learned the hard way people start noticing real quick when you hang out at their houses night after night and stay up all night 10 or so nights in a row. Then they either are tweakers like what I guess you would describe me as or not and then they make you feel bad by saying things like “please get some sleep”, or “you are going to have to slow down on that stuff” especially the slow down comment coming from one of your freinds that was in the top 3 people you know who had an unbelievable oxycontin habbit ever since you met them 10 years ago. Thats kind of embarrassing or eye-opening aim not sure which one or maybe both. When I get my addiction/demon sightings/ hallucinating/ paranoia story of my life or past year abd a half typed up Ill come back and post. Also has anybody heard of a book called “Meth equals Sorcery” or a title close to that, my ex said she read it in prison and it goes into detail about how the meth dont actually make you see the demons but lack or sleep for days or weeks gets you closer to another dimension where the way I understood her the dead exist and demons exist, and normal people dont see them walking among us when the do when they cross into our world but lack of sleep spmehow affects their ability to blend in and allows those of us that havn’t slept in awhile to see them as some people describe as interacting with them to my experiences or catching just glimpses of them. I did see what I’m going to call a hellhound beside my gravel road at night when I was driving up the road on the way home. It was lifechanging, ill put it that way, because I never thought of stuff like that my whole life I guess, and where I wasn’t took to vhurch as a kid dont have muchcommon christian knowlege of the bible, Satan, demons, ghosts, God, and angels. Before seeing that thing when I would be on a week long binge which I wasn’t very experienced with meth binges, maybe had been doing it 6 months, or so, I dont remember seeing what I would call the shadowmen or anything, I would see tracers in the aair, and lights that weren’t there. ALso hearing noises and voices that werent there but they werent demonic or even close. It usually ended up in paranoia about my ex cheating, or having guys over while I was at work. She had a 3 year old boy and a 6 month old little girl and with kids until they went to sleep you and your girlfriend/wife or spouse don’t get much alone time, and I got it in my head if I was awake 24 hours a day that was about 12 hours we got to spend together just us. Its funny how your mind tricks you into injesting more of the substance that you are addicted to, and that is killing you and causing mental breakdown at the same time. I got to where I imagined a program on our computer that hid cheating internet behavior, like deleted messenger history and stuff, I remember seeing it, clicking on functions it was not there. It was totally a figment of my paranoid dillusions, also we both were on suboxone at the time and we couldn’t afford the 400 dollars a piece a month for the suboxone clinic, and I got 3 a day so she quit going and I gave her half my meds, which was fine with me but sometimes we would get low or run out and I got it in my mind that she had a hiding spot where she was saving up extra suboxone she was stealing out of my half and stockpiling it for when she planned on running off with the imaginary guy she was cheating on me with. I don’t really have anybody to talk to about this stuff, Im embarrassed to talk about most of the stuff with my friends that dont do meth, and the people zi know that do it I dont consider friends because they are bums, and out to get whatever they can gain for them. I have a wonderfull mom and dad, and 2 brothers and 2 sisters but none of them even drink, and have never had a drug problem, so talking to them about the real dirty details of my problems is out, but Ill post , more of my experiences shortly. Thanks for listening.

Tony Pham
19 months ago

Just about seen it all

19 months ago

I have had several experiences over the past 4 years off and on. Im 39. So its weird that this started in my later years. For several days ive been hearing a muffled voice. Sounds like it outside the window etc. I hear it and i can tell its english but i cant make out the words distintely. Yesterday i was in my bed propped up doing crosswords and it started raining. Nothing too heavy just regular rain storm. I started hearing that muffled female voice and i would start feeling what felt like raindops lightly falling on my head. But my hair wasnt wet and i have no leaks. So as i ignored that, i would feeling my shirt on my back being rugged lightly too. I try not to freak out over these things. They are not frequent and ive had things similar things happen. Not that it isnt unnerving still! So i try to just keep brushing it off but i started seeing what looked like fog or like steam from a hot shower. It would come from around my shoulders and even my hands at time. I would hear something tap or knock all around the room and from the other room as well. The “fog” is something ive never experienced. This is new and in all seriuosness, i can still catch a glimpse of it vaguely. So it was becoming more present in my room. Also around the time the smoke/fog started i also was seeing a black shaddow figure. Those always scare me!!! Needless to say yesterday was a little intense for me. I had a voice that was behind me from what sounded like ourside the window. And a very large shadow creep in front of me. Even this morning it was all starting again. Has anyone had anything similar? I wanted to hear what the female was trying to say but just couldnt make it out

19 months ago

lots of tweekers leaving comments it seems ;-{

19 months ago

Meth is the drug of the devil listen to me I’m only 17 I’ve worshiped the Lord all my life but as soon as I picked up meth I started claiming Satan as my savior as my Lord I’ve been doing things I’m not proud of things I would never do I walk around looking for problems I pray to Satan to keep me safe it started with one line now it’s 4 lines a day don’t pick it up save me i don’t want to be a slave to Satan I don’t want to burn in hell he wanta me to take his hand but I say no I’m afraid of I keep doing more I won’t be able to resist help me save me he whispers to me 38 in my head all day long what does it mean? Help me

Tina Gonzalez
20 months ago

Let me start out by saying that I have been clean off of Meth for a little over 3 years now. This drug destroyed everything that I had going in my life. I lost all finances, employment, two cars, so on and so forth. It only took 2 years for me to lose all of that. When I was using, a person that I was smoking with blew out some vapor and I took out my phone and snapped a picture just playing around. When I looked at the picture, I could not believe what I was seeing. In the vapor cloud was a distinct face, the face of a demon. This demon was very visible and not just to me but everyone of my drug friends. I decided that I would try this again but with a different bag of meth and with a different group of friends. Once again he blew and took a picture. There was another face among this cloud this time. He wasn’t as scary but more of a scared face. This was some scary stuff. I have also seen what we call “Road People”. These are people in the road that are not really there especially while you are driving.

20 months ago

I have struggled with meth for about a year, and at one point, I thought I can never quit. But i did it without going to rehab. Of course I relapse many time, and flush meth down the toilet many time. I am now 1 year clean. And I don’t ever want to go through that phase again! It’s a living hell.

To anyone struggling to quit, remember: it’s not easy, but its possible; at first it will be rough, but after the rain, comes the sun. Do it one day at a time. I promise you that will feel like yourself again without using meth, remember times when you weren’t a user and you were a much happier person, you did not need meth to feel any euphoria. God help those who help themselves, so do yourself a favor: quit and never look back. I’ve done it, so can you!

Anthony Michael Perez
20 months ago

I have seen this Drug straite destroy peoples lifes and others around them.

21 months ago

Here’s my meth story. I was always a good girl. Pretty. Popular. Well known around town. I got a boyfriend we started smoking weed together, then I found adderall. I loved the energy it gave me. Our drug dealer introduced us to meth. Described it as adderall X 100. I wish he would have explained the cons of it. I wish I would have researched it more o wish I would have known before I snorted that first line. I was always a die hard Christian. Me and God had a great relationship. Until I started doing meth. I no longer went to church I no longer talked to God and I started to believe that everything in life was coincidence and there was no God. One night while high on meth me and boyfriend was laying outside at night time having sex. I looked in the sky and saw flashing lights. I told my boyfriend look look what is that?! He said I don’t know we stood up and looked at it walked around the house looked up and there was over 20 ufos in the sky surrounding our house they were small but the one in the middle was huge. We could see it so detailed. Then one flew down in the matter of a half a second flew right down to our face and back into the sky we both ran inside looking at each other clueless as to what just happened. We knew we both saw it we knew it was there but could a sober person see? We invited a couple sober friends over. They could see the vague blue and red and green flashing lights in the sky but they could not see the detail of the ships. We made alien watching a nightly thing. We had friends stay with us because we were so terrified. My boyfriend was in the yard and a red beam appeared on his face. My sober friend actually saw it and pointed it out. There was 5 people standing outside when it sounded like a jet plane flew directly over us all in the matter of 3 seconds. Everyone ran. Then one night while 6 of us were in the house at night time scared to death, the door handle wiggled. No one was outside. We froze. My best friend (who was pregnant at the time and sober) peeked out the window and that’s when it all changed. She froze and i said what is it? She ran back to the couch and said, it’s aliens. There’s 3 standing on your porch! We all took turns peeking out the window at them scared to death to make eye contact. I wish someone would have been brave enough to go outside but we were all paralyzed with fear. I called my grandparents and when they pulled up the aliens were gone. My friends would no longer stay or come to my house. Our TV would go blue at times. My radio in my car would malfunction when I pulled into my drive way. We saw ships with long metal legs parked in our trees and we wondered. Is this stuff actually here or are we just hallucinating?! After that experience we quit doing meth I found God again and all the stuff stopped. But I did embarrass myself by posting on fb what I witnessed and the whole town has now labeled me as that drug addict who saw ufos. No one believed us except our small group of friends who witnessed it also. We had to stop thinking about it and talking about it which was so hard because it’s all I thought about 24/7 I thought about life and how when your on drugs you actually see what’s going on in this fucked up world. God is here to protect us it was the biggest mistake of my life straying away from him and I learned my lesson. My God forgives and my God keeps me close now.

21 months ago

TESTIMONY shared for the first time with the public::: My life was once fully dependent on this substance. Values Stolen: Relationship with God (Jesus Christ), family, job, car , home, freedom. I lost it all. My life spiraled down slowly and all the while I really believed I was holding it together and could be a “functional” meth user. I was raised right, taught right. Family was far from perfect but it was good. Raised in church as a child and always kept what I thought was a descent relationship with God. I hit a grey area in my life that I didn’t realize at the time was grey…I was just having fun with new friends , they were both fearless and Godless. We ended up at a friends of theirs and he pulled out the first pizzo I’d ever seen, loaded it and started passing it. I was nervous as heck but wanted to “try” it. Silly of me to have thought this was going to be a one time spontaneous little sin I would never do again. This is the day my life was stolen…While in the midst of using I felt is was a great way to numb feelings and emotions I wanted to push away and make “disappear”, it was easier not worry about things rather then take care of them responsibly…I met sooo many users and dealers through out the course of 2-3 years after this. The things I saw and people I associated myself with were at one point things I use to frown upon and people I felt sorry for and looked down on… During my journey of self destruction and alienation I met someone who I thought was an angel sent from God to save me. We fell inlove and got together. He wanted me to stop using and I made many attempts to do so, but when the substance lives under the same roof as you it’s no easy task. I lacked not only the strength, and support but desire to quit for me. Suicide became a huge option for me when I realized I was full on addicted to meth. It had full control over me and I knew it. I felt trapped and like I had no one to reach out to that was capable of helping me. My boyfriend at the time took me out of this slumber of suicide and over powered my dark desires with love and support. “He was my angel”…months later we came to find out I was pregnant. Drugs stopped. I told my boyfriend adamantly at the time we had to move from where we were to a safe environment for the baby. After the move things were great! Our own place and new start for our soon to be family…Baby came and I found a whole new kind of love I never knew existed. With our new bundle of joy I was at what I trusted was the “peek of my life’s happiness”…6 months later I received a call from my closest sister in town, I had just been told that the father of my child had been molesting her 3 youngest girls for a year now. Her daughters decided they were finally ready to open up to their mom (my sister) while in their truck riding home. My sister had to pull over to the side of the road, gather her thoughts and I’m sure resume her heart from beating before calling me. When she did my heart dropped and I went partially deaf to all noise around me….My life was turned upside down after this. He turned himself in to the authorities and now faces 60 years in prison. When this happened I turned to God and prayed for strength and asked that he make my heart cold….My wounds were too deep and my heart too resistant to fully let God in…my faith was lost and for the first time in my life I pushed God out of my life and I made sure he knew it….I thought drugs were the biggest mistake of my life I quickly learned after this, eliminating God in the misdt of the heaviest darkest trial I had ever had to face was the worst thing I could ever do.I knew one could hit rock bottom, what I didn’t know was you could fall off the ground! We lost our place, car, money…I was placed in the worst place in the world, back at his old house with his mom(user). I fell back into drugs to dumb it all. We were treated cruelly if food was cooked my daughter and I were left scraps, allowed to shower when his mom was in a good mood and happy with us, drug traffic everyday. Under my depression and all I was facing I knew I had to get my daughter out. MY CRAZY PLAN: I was to continue doing drugs to pacify my pain and misery so I can get up everyday and take care of my baby and all that she needed, seek help from social services for aid and counseling and once placed on prescriptions or anti depressants break free of drugs. Key: I also reached out to God. I went crawling back and asked for him to please come back in my life and take over our lives…. Ya know, as crazy and my plan was it worked and with God’s grace and love I was on anti depressants for 3 weeks intermittently and quit taking them. no longer needed counseling. I was free of it all!!!! He opened doors for us to live in a safe a loving household and got me back to work, 2 raises in 1 year! and in church were my daughter and I go through out the week. My baby is now 3 years old and places hands on people and prays for them, she loves Jesus and and going to our church and bible studies. WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Demons are real, if you are a user of meth and they have not yet surfaced to you they will. One hit opens doors. Take a picture of the cloud you blow and frighteningly enough you see all the faces of spirits, I thought this was me and friend tweaking out but I know it was more, it was confirmed by two other users I’ve come across that “had fun” while smoking and did the same. You can actually see the faces of the spirits in the clouds. You don’t have to focus or look closely, they are very apparent and real! I’ve also learned God can use the devils works to do good in your life. I’ve learned there is hope when all else seems hopeless, and he IS there with you when you all around you is falling apart and dark. FAITH. God love all of us. Even if you don’t believe in him, he believes in you…Thank you Jesus for saving me. And if this testimony touches one soul out there. I love you. I want you to know there is hope. God’s waiting. Just open your heart and let him in. He will do the rest:)

22 months ago

At the age of 15 I started using meth with my boyfriend, he was 20 and had been using for a long time. I stopped using out of pure fear because I was being haunted and terrorized by both shadows and the man I love who I see now as a possessed soul. I became pregnant and immediately stopped all using, but even now, over 3months clean and just about 4months pregnant, I still feel and see these things everywhere. The father of my baby whom is still being controlled by this horrible thing, is very ill and will probably die before our baby is born and he’s too delusional to even know his name some days. Please pray for my baby’s dad because he’s such a wonderful person and I truly feel as if I’m grieving the loss of a loved one, because even though it’s his body and his voice I hear, those eyes and the words he say are not his own. That evil radiates from him, and I don’t know how to help him break free of that evil inside him. Pray that he will seek help to get off of meth before it’s too late for him. So that he can begin understanding all that has happened to him to work towards recovering his spirit.

22 months ago

im addicted to meth just reading the comments makes me feel like a piece of shit dang

eric lehman
23 months ago

I was hooked on meth for many years very long years I watched my self go from having it all to loosing everything by going to prison because of anthony joe harris thought he wss a buddy but low and behold he wasnt now I chose this drug cause I could stay up all I wanted had all the r energy in the world to do what ever I needed but it came with a price a very stiff price one that cost me lots family friends and most of all freedom ive seen the shadow worriers ive seen the spirit people yeah that part is real ur eyes get opened to a realm ur blind to cause ur taught not to believe in it told it doesnt exist well sorry it does exist its real ive found they cant hurt u but they r scarry as fuck everytime u c them u freak out the voices yeah very real ur subconscious talking to u telling u its bad doing this to stop but u dont listen u keep going farther and farther till u can go no were else u almost believe ur in control but ur far from it very far its almost breath taking the things u c and hear ur on the verge of going crazy but u just cant take that last step forward some do though but others go insane

23 months ago

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. First off if it makes you aware of demons and evil then you have a leg up on fighting to them and keeping then at bay

23 months ago

Thank you “Iwishiknewthen” I had some insight into what you told me just recently as I decided to do some meth again after 17 years clear of any substance. I would love to hear you expound on the souls compared to bodies and the connection with things being connected together.

This time around I had many different types of experiences than in my earlier years. My first experience this time ar0und, as I lay in bed quietly, I heard spaceship noises and then the beings they located me (I was thinking they were aliens (at the time). They walked on me as I lay in bed (I felt the footsteps on me) and I felt they were there to take samples from my body especially eggs but I am unsure of their motive.

The second experience was the face of the person I was with kept changing into other men right before my eyes and I felt that through the ages this one soul was many different men and I was seeing them and I had to purpose to keep my heart pure and not desire them because they were evil (this is the part I was connecting with your comment) But now that I think about it, it could have been demons manifesting before my eyes. It was really interesting and I wasn’t scared but tried to keep my heart pure.

At another time, I saw demons in the form of people. They seen that I spotted them and knew it scared me and so they taunted me through the rear view mirror. It was a girl and 2 men and they were making these weird scary demon movements and I actually had a person walking by call the police for me because I thought real people were actually killing someone. The policeman made me leave the truck and call a taxi. That was nice of him. Later when I came back to get the truck I looked at a bag of dirt and the 3 faces were looking at me through the bag. They were real faces plain as day. They jumped in the backseat of the truck and rode with me all the way home. I could see them through the mirror but when I turned around to look they were not there. I did this all the way home, stared at them in the rear view outside mirror My husband was driving while I was scared to say anything to him about them because I thought they would hurt us.

Many other terrible things happened and I even had one experience with peaceful beings. I believe this was Jesus and angels and heavenly beings protecting me from something about to happen.

So much more. The spiritual realm is there and invisible until you open your mind and eyes t0 them. Fear gives them the right to torture you. I lost a lot during the week I was out there doing the thing. It was not worth it because it really hurt some people I love. Plus I could have lost my soul and died there. it is so scary there and not for my mind that does not understand.

23 months ago

This comment comes from an experienced soul, in both spirituality and the meth experience. I agree, to a point, with the above article. Meth is a complicated drug, it has both stimulant, and hallucinogenic properties. In moderation, one may not experience the second, more sinister effect, which usually is the result of high dosage and/or sleep dep. When one reaches this point, the doors of percetion are noticably more open than in “normal waking consciousness”. The dark, faceless entities (often known as Shadow People) spoke of, definitely become manifest in places where before remained unseen. Our frequency of experience, while in this state of consciousness, overlaps theirs. S, essentially, they are not much the interdemensional beings that we have ccused them of being. We are the ones guilyy of blurring the boundaries of what we call reality and treading upon territory we, for the most part as a non spiritually oriented race (modern/western mankind) are not spiritually prepaired or disciplined enough to understand. Also, when the law of attraction begins to give the imagination free run of creating a reality out of our deepest remorse and guilt, our fears and paranoia take over and we are trapped in a reality inseperable from what we know to be “real”. You never know you are dream,ing until you wake up. These doors are in need of investigation. Become familliar with what you will encounter on the other side before u cross the threshold of multidemensional doors to the more subtle worlds beyond our spectrum of consciousness as human physical beings….

wannabe sober
23 months ago

wanna see a demon? take a look at yourself on meth after you’ve been up all night or 2(most likely after watching porn and playing with yourself many times) Feel like a demon? Well if you’ve set yourself and prayed to God asking him for knowledge wisdom and understanding and of course getting all this from the Holy Bible…..Now you should realize your are demon-like going against God, you then realize your not only playing with yourself but playing yourself as an enemy of God….in 15 years i have learned you cant try to substitute weed and alcohol to try and quit meth or maybe you can BUT I CANT….ALSO YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW..MEANING IF YOUR SMOKING METH AT 16 WATCHING FREE INTERNET PORN ALL NIGHT WHICH MAY EVEN LEAD YOU TO A BIBLICAL TERM CALLED A REPROBATE…BUT DON’T WORRY AFTER ALL HOMOSEXUALITY IS OK AND SO IS GAY MARRIAGE, WHO WILL YOU FOLLOW MAN OR THE LIVING GOD…gOD IS A TERM THROWN AROUND, EVEN PRINTED ON FILTHY MONEY…THESE DAYS GOD CAN BE THE IDOL AT YOUR LOCAL ASIAN RESTAURANT …SO IN WHICH God, do you trust?

23 months ago

may the Good Lord be with us all. The bible tells us ( a letter written to us from our heavenly Father) instructions/ a compass to life. Satan comes only to Kill Steal and Destroy. Well that’s exactly what meth does. It has unlocked the gates of Hell. The land is Satan’s play ground. I remind myself, he only has the power we give him. He tails us apart by using our own hearts against us. Emotions, The Devils best friend! It destroyed my life. But I saw pretty quick what time it was. I was raised w my head buried in the bible. It kept me. In all the everything life throws our way, I remind myself DAILY of corinthians 1:13 The way of love. Read all about it. Keep your Faith Hope and LOVE STRONG! THE WORLD DID NT GIVE IT AND THE WORLD CANT TAKE IT AWAY! CALL HIS NAME.

24 months ago

My daughter was using meth for 6 years. There were two incidents where she attacked me and tried choke the life out of me. She was screaming I will kill you bitch! I saw her face and it was not my childs. Her eyes were black and her features were strange, I saw the devil in my childs face. I could feel the presence of pure evil….I started praying Psalm 23: the Lord is my sheperd, I shall not want…..somehow I was ablec to alert my son in thecother room and he stooped hercfrom killing me. Whencshec got clean, her facial feautures became softer more like my childs. Very scary and heartbreaking to watch someone kill themselves.

Manny Sandoval
2 years ago

I want everyone who reads this article its true what they say it is the devils drug and it ruins lives and takes away everything that ment so much to you everyone that you love will leave you and move away far away and sometimes you do finally see the light its to late but don’t let that discourage you God will always forgive and will be by your side just believe in him and his plan for you I lost a great woman one of a kind and a great son over this I miss them so much there’s not a second that goes by that I don’t think of them but as long as there happy and safe it puts a smile on me and yes I will always want them back but when im a 100% better but when that time comes and it’s to late I will accept it I love you guys and miss you so much

Lori Lopes
2 years ago

Pure example of what meth does. My heart goes out to this girl you can hear her whispers of torment “your soul is trapped” you can hear her say. I do believe it opens the doors of evil. Dear God please help this girl in her battle with these demons, that she may find her way to you.

2 years ago

I am not religious but when I was a meth addict I had a weird obsession with satan even though I did not believe in him. I lost trust in everyone around me and believed everyone was out to dome harm. I saw shadow people, would get close looks at demonic looking beings and one time turned from a shadowy figure with a clear outline to a doppelganger of myself. I had a very sinister smile on my face, it felt very evil. I started making movements and it followed everyone like it was some sort of a game. (that specific incident was after two weeks of a very little amount of sleep and the use of a lot of meth.) I have done a lot of drugs and am currently addicted to heroin but nothing has came close to affecting my mental state like meth.

2 years ago

Wow I tried so hard to try to read every ones comments but there are so many I will have to come back to the ones I didn’t get to later when I have the want to and the time!!!! Also that will be maybe then that I decide to post my story and my experience I don’t know I guess we will just have to wait and see !!

2 years ago

I used to do meth and cocaine, and a variety of other substances…yeah I was what we call a trashcan addict. My drug of choice was more of whatever you have. I know some Wiccans…they are some of the most spiritual people I know..but that aside…I found that for me personally, that 12 steps programs were my solution. It’s worked now for me for over 25 years. My favorite saying is this: “If you like what you’re getting then keep doing what you’re doing…if you don’t like what you’re getting then do something different”. http://recovery101.net

crystal methodist ……cause i think thats funny…
2 years ago

first thing i would like to say is ….looks like you guys need to put the pipe down …..and get some sleep ………thats the longest ….article ….ive ever scene ……..and you probably wrote it in two/three days straight ……..GO TO BED NOW ……ITS OKAY ……..SHHHHhhh…..get some sleep …..some real rem …….and it will all go away …….promise ………its not the drug on the person ……its the person on the drug ………and if i believed in god ….id say ….thank you god ….for avocado’s ………and if i believed in god …..i’d say ….thank you god ….for fluffy white pillow’s …..and if i believed in god …..etc ….etc …..etc ……

2 years ago

I used I saw angels and demons. I wrote about the shadow people and tried committing suicide several times

2 years ago

My daughter became addicted to meth. First smoking, then snorting and last shooting it.

She has lost her children, because she sexually abused all 4 of them. She is looking at 30-40 years in prison.

She comes from a God fearing family so don’t think it can’t happen to you or your children.

She OD’d at least 10 times. The last time was this past February but we think she tried to kill herself not just OD. she swallowed 6 grams of meth. When she finally woke up she said I’m sorry but that sorry wasn’t truth.

She has manipulated, undermined, lied, stolen from,etc., etc, her family & friends.

She saw those shadow men and my grandchildren saw them in the house when she was here.

This drug opens things in the spiritual realm that people don’t realize. I pray over my grandchildren all the time because I don’t know what their mother spoke over them while in that realm.

My daughter is 26.. She ruined her life, her children’s lives, her families lives and people that cared about her.

Don’t get this deep. Seek God, something she wouldn’t do. She told me through text that God didn’t need her Satan needed her more. She believed that lie and it cost her tremendously…

2 years ago

Ima user my self and unasked is there a god is there a devil or characters set up for a different ways to life ask who u go for ask them to show u that they are real as of a long time I know no devil nor no god I smoke ND I’m still pushing life forward decide and let me knoe

Jennifer Shane
2 years ago

I was once actively addicted to crystal meth. I saw the things this post talks about. A mountain lion was sitting in front of my tent once when I was homeless. No lie. I used to think I was crazy and hallucinating but this post has made me realize I wasn’t. Then I struggled with trying to get clean for almost 9 years. At one point I had 16 months clean and I relapsed on meth. I met a man and started dating him because he provided me with meth everyday for months. I rarely ate, slept or did anything good for myself. I tried to leave him and I couldn’t. I saw things that I swore were real.

During the time I was with this man, I began thinking I had a rare disease created by the government to kill people called morgellons. I kid you not, I had believed it was real so much that I spent all my time using and researching morgellons disease. I saw fibers and bugs growing out of my skin and I constantly picked them out. I had open wounds everywhere that would not heal because I was using. I tried speaking to God and telling him I wanted out, I wanted to get clean but I was trapped and bound by that nasty flippin drug. I was skinny beyond belief, my hair was falling out and I was on death’s door step. This is all the truth.

My dad came to the rescue by moving me to another state where he lived but of course that was God working through him. While detoxing, I was tired and hungry all the time. I wanted to die and cry and run away back to that drug. It was terrible. But thank God I didn’t go back. I didn’t get clean really though because I used other stuff but a few months passed and I finally escaped active addiction and got completely clean.

Today, the 27th, I have 5 months clean. I am pregnant with a baby girl who God has truly blessed me with and I have not used meth in almost a year. I feel free bit there is always a tugging at the back of my mind and I know it is Satan trying to get me to go back to hell with him through using meth again. But it will not happen because God saved my life and blessed me and I will not drag my child through hell with me. Please believe this post because it really is true. Crystal meth is hell’s front doorstep and I am a living testimony to that. There is no drug on earth that I can think of that could do the damage meth did to me in just a few months, hell, about 9 years. I am lucky to be aalive and I give all the credit to God for that.

Natalie L
2 years ago

My name is Natalie n I am an addict!! for over 27 years I was enslaved to the hell of addiction. I’ve been there Ang seen it all and repent for all my sins now. I can only hseen that this website and the stories within may help save one from the Horror of addiction!!I have seen the demon within me take over every aspect of my life let it be physical emotional mentally and spiritually. I am one of the lucky ones that made it out alive. but I can share about the horrors of addiction is very real. everything I’ve read in this story is true. no matter what the religion you have the right, wrong, and indifferent in every society, race, religion, practicing or not. I have danced with the devil. but it was my lord of Lords and King of kings that helped me walkthrough the shadows of death. you too can achieve a spiritual life if only we hold our hand out and let God from above guide us in our every step. I choose God today, I don’t want to have to live that hell ever again. so if I can save just one soul from this treacherous tragedy, I will help in any way. I have taken God into my life and I can’t share enoughof the treasures God promises hereafter. better than half my life, is lost due to addiction of crystal meth as well as other drugs. I believe in a higher power, I believe in the 12 steps, I believe God can save us from all things that enslave us. Just keep praying n asking for GOD’S WILL be done in all areas of my physical and SPIRITUAL life. He is everything to me!!!!!

2 years ago

I know it’s evil. . When I was actively using I would I would take huge hits of the pipe and blow out the huge clouds real slow and record the smoke when you pause it you could actually see the evil demons faces within the smoke..it’s no joke it really is evil..

2 years ago

a long time ago it was my first time smoking meth. Needless to say; I ended up in jail that night. As I lay in a padded cell I look up to see a man laughing at me. He said; you’re going to hell. I put my head down so I wouldn’t have to see him. I knew I was actually the only person there. When I was released at 5:00 am, the jailer said he could hear growling coming my my cell. Like an animal growling. Asked if I was ok. I never touched meth again.

The Bringer Of Light
2 years ago

I am often spiritually lead by Christ Jesus, for he lives in me within pure light and love. I was lead here, after watching a video of a girl on meth. She was obviously intoxicated with a drug, she was twitching and scratching…. but her voice was deep, and spoke in third person, about “how weak this bitch is” and ” we have the same heart… HAHAHAHAHA” she would erupt into laughter when she again realized she was being filmed by a human. I KNEW she was possessed, and I knew that Meth is that gateway to the Luciferians, those “fallen angels” the Bible and this artical spoke of. I myself have experimented with hallucinogens, but never meth. MDMA, in it’s purest form, resembles meth almost twin like, but I experienced God, the warming embrace of, and a ringing passion for light and loving the people around me, also, while on MDMA, I was enlightened further into understanding Christ Consciousness, what Jesus of Nazareth came to embody. I know for a fact MDMA is a gateway to Gods holistic healing love, and an innate ego busting drug that lets you feel everything without stigmatizing human judgement. Although, it is no for everyone, and I don’t recommend doing it without a sense of your own spirituality, and you MUST know Jesus, or it is utterly pointless.

There are unseen forces scattered across this planet, existing in different dimensions and frequencies of existence. They harbor one thing or the other, and in them they are absolute. One is Light, one is Dark. One is Love, one is Hate. We have a God, a Source, a Great Spirit that commits so feverishly to LOVE that with all its power, it gives you some, and it gives it to you in the form of free will. Will to believe, or not. I’m very pleased seeing you people have some kind of understanding of that, but alot of people think they are born into whatever they experience….. when in reality (or at least this plan of such an existence) it is solely up to You to deiced as a human being. I am a being of Light, here to assist any and everyone in understanding this truth. Christ himself embodied it, so in his light I shine the same. There is always hope and a way out, if thats what you will to believe. Remember your divine essence. Repent, ask for forgiveness, scream to the sky, do whatever makes you feel closer to that Source of True Love and Light.

2 years ago

I used it for around 3 months straight lost everything including my whits.Started with just line hooked lost my job lost my girlfriend starting running full speed towards the drug.There were children exposed to the drug to the point a 11 year old girl who was the cooks daughter was sneaking the drug. Long hair red headed dude who had the axel rose look was aware she was using as well as his young son this is ware I drawled the line .Kids are being damaged by there self center parents who use.Everyone got busted in the end encluding the meth cook who tried to set me up with his meth lab told me to drive it up the road after a deputy sheriff passed by his place including walking out the door with a gun.I drove that truck as fast as I could out if that area I got away with his lab getting rid if it on a back road I left the drug life for good I was a drug user for over 10 years of my life Jesus Christ set me free the story keeps getting better I have a wife a house a good job and have not touch a drug for 13 years don’t trust your so called friends when running with devil they will sale you out.

2 years ago

Hi I use to be a user for 10 years or better I agree but also disagree with this page…I believe that drugs bring out who your soul truly is..Meaning if you are on drugs & you started thieving after using drugs then people want to say it was the drugs but no it was your choice & you did it..I never changed who I was on drugs I never stole I never screwed people over or turned selfish & only cared about myself or the drug because that is not who I am as a person…Demons are around people who do not do drugs demons use material wealth & all sorts of stuff to get people to go along with Satan but those people never really had Jesus Christ in their heart in the 1st place because you would not go along with the devil if Jesus was in your heart..

As far as the demons making people psychics or intuitive that is crazy..Let me explain something to you the ones that have any kind of intuition while doing drugs are usually the ones with Jesus in their heart he usually gives messages like who to stay away from & in my own experience he would give me intuition for my well being the devil doesn’t save your life..The ones with Demons on them do not feel anything they do not care about spirituality they do not know if they are coming or going they just care about their next hit..Not all drug addicts are the same & if you have any personal demons Drugs will bring them out for the world to see…In the bible it is wrong to get drunk but not wrong to drink to you get where I am going with that..To get out of your mind is wrong..Demons do use drugs to attach to people but only the ones who allow them to..I actually found Jesus while using drugs I don’t think it was because of drugs that I found him, I believe it was part of getting older & a maturity thing…To say that Jesus can’t work in lives of a drug addict is wrong & crazy..Jesus never leaves his children alone..Not all people are gods children they may have been born gods children but at some point left god…The dope demon is what I call it & if you call it out in the name of Jesus Christ you will be shocked at what happens.. I have seen it pure evil but it can happen to a sober person as well..When I was using I was just like I am now I spoke to people about the lord & encouraged others to turn to Jesus & pray so I believe what you are saying is partially true but I believe that if you are a strong person with Jesus in your heart that the devil can not get you on drugs..If you have strong morals then nothing can make you do things that aren’t morally right…

2 years ago

It is great to see that another has experienced what I did with Meth Amphetamine. I have tried to explain how this stuff exist in a class all by itself but very few can truly understand its exact nature. Hells finger prints are all over it from its origin to its manufacture. In fact, I came to believe in god, the devil and the bible because of Meth.

2 years ago

I started using meth when I was 15. I used it to stay up and do homework at first. But quickly I got to the point I was partying to much and spun out and could no focus I dropped out of school. I then met a man who tried torape me he ended up going to prison for a charge he was fighting and his son and I drained all his bank accounts n got meth. We got high 24/7 I soon started seeing things bodys hanging weird short creepy men I was always afraod id call my mom panicing. I finally went home and slept 2weeks and 20lbs lighter. I only ate one time in those weeeks. I had friends that saw men in trees clocked men in the yard and home. I came to the same idea as this article that meth use or the lack of food and sleep opened our mind to things it normally is strong enough to block out. I had a easy time getting clean completly sropped and im now disqusted by it. My bf users and it kills me to see him doing that damage to himself and he doesn’t see it. Im afraid he is gonna lose his mind fo it like so many people ive met. Since he is a lil crazy already. I want him to stop I think I have to leave him and it sucks bcuz I love him but I cant have anyone who does that ddug in my life and that lifestyle I cannot have it around me. I want as far away from it as possible. He has skipped church now 3weeks and he was strong in his faith but the demons got him and wont lef him go to church bcuz it knows that may help break its hold on him. God help his soul!

Amy Casale Choisser
2 years ago from Melbourne Fl

I’m glad i read this article. As a professional mental health and biblical counselor, I had clients who were on meth. I always believed it was the devils drug but after reading this hub and comments, it is clear why many are unable to stay clear of it, saved or not. Now I can have greater insight into these persons struggles and teach them how to use their authority and power in Christ as well as recommend healing and deliverance as part of their sobriety. Another note, I see shadows and figures as well usually when i’m in spiritual battle. I have never smoked crack or any other drug besides pot a long time ago. I would say i am sensitive to the spiritual realm and it can be scary if you are not grounded in Christ. Otherwise, you know they are lurking like a parasite and with simple phrase “leave in the name of Jesus” makes them disappear every time.

2 years ago

I’m a spiritualist and not into religion although I will listen to what christians have to say remember conversation is a two way treet so do not try to convert me by shoving your beliefs at me. In the bible it states that God gave freewill to all as well as pooring his spirit into all.

Daniel Sinclair
2 years ago

Everybody lied to me im still slipping up and i always thought it was in my head……i trusted them and they made me crazy

2 years ago

Wow this all hits too close to home. I too have had experiences like the ones everyone is talking about on this post. Only while or coming down from meth. The shadow people in particular. I actually thought it was my imagination or hallucinations. But now that I read of everyone’s like experiences, I’m convinced it was real. And an evil portal was opened. I’ve even been convinced that my boyfriend was possessed at times. Like his eyes would go all black pupil covering everything. And just go in crazy rages. Anyways I witnessed the curtains flying above me as if ghosts or spirits. There was no wind in the room. Then shortly after I saw tiny elf looking men about 1 foot tall with tall pointed hats laughing and pointing at us non stop.

Marsha Cooper
2 years ago

I was very happy not long ago when I mentioned someone to my son and he told me he had stopped hanging out with that guy because he had started doing meth again. Praise God that my son had made the right choice in that situation!

2 years ago

Reading all of these posts has me tripped out… i used meth for a horrible long 3 months till my 3 year old daughter got ahold of it and almost died… right then and there i was done with it… But 4 years later my husband is still addicted to it… he has been on it for 10 years.. and its awful.. there are days where i think hes lost his damn mind… he has paranoia sooo badly it drives his crazy, he steals from me, his children and anyone else that gives him the chance. he cant hold a job, we have lost many houses.. He basically traded our truck that we were still making payments on for drugs. its awfull. everyday i sit home with our children and wait for that call saying that hes either dead or on his way to prison.. i wish i knew how to help get thru it and become sober and stay sober…

Americas Brightest^^^
2 years ago

Your all delusional or in denial! Staying awake for more than 24 hours causes your brain to short circuit, the hallucinations come from sleep deprivation. Anyone that would stay awake would start seeing shit What arrogant article.

johnna l
2 years ago

first of all WICCA or as your ill-informed article called it ‘wiccan’ Is NOT evil frm witchcraft, TRUE WICCA is the practice of “good ” or ‘white craft’

Samantha legarretta
2 years ago

I am 5 years sober on January 1st 2015. I am so great full to have an opportunity to live a clean life without that demon controlling my life or being killed by it…I thank God for the strength and I pray for those souls still lost.

Holyghost filled
2 years ago

I use to smoke ice (meth) for at least 4to 5 years. I started having these demons show up and do things about when i was in my 3rd or 4th year,smoking. My wife who smoked it once and didn’t want to anymore,would know that something was happening because our dogs would see something then look at us as if they were saying to us…do yall see that! Our cats would stop and stare at something and chase things that wasn’t there all in the room that i would be in. Almost everyone i knew who did Meth,would be into Porn and so was i. I use to sit in or against my bed and it would shake,I even sat in a chair once and it began to come off the floor. My eye sight would be so enhanced that i could actually see things moving. I would sit in one spot because i would be so terrified to move and once i did jus that but that demon that was around me took my lighter and moved it. Those things would posses my dog until they would fall into a trance and have really bad diarrhea that was the worst smell that i’ve ever smelled. I once was up for six days and i went another part of town and my wife had gotten saved and filled with the Holyghost but i was still smoking ice and she began to cry in the car and say,i need to pray…God is telling me to pray! When i got close to my destination,i began to feel this weird eerie feeling that something was following me. I parked my car and i went inside of my grandmother’s house and i was in her living room when i begin to here this weird sound of something that sounded like a wolf’s howl /owl, call. It was calling me,i know for a fact. I went out the first time and i looked around and i didn’t see nothing so i went back in and i heard it call me again,i went back out and again,nothing. The third time it called me,i went back out and as i didn’t see nothing,i was about to go back in and something in me said stop! As i turned around i saw it! It was on top of a waste trash can that goes inside of an apartment complex. It was sitting on top like a gargoyle,it had a huge white head,it had long arms and long fingers and it actually called me using arm and finger motion as well. I had my pistol with me and i wanted to shoot it. I went into my grandmother’s house and i asked my wife and my grandmother to come here and look at something,i didn’t tell them what it was or what i felt like it was. They knew that i smoked dope and i didn’t want them to be like oh’ he’s jus high and tripping so i wanted them to form their own opinion of what they saw. We went outside and i said…what does that look like to yall? My wife…idk but it doesn’t look right. My grandmother said…it looks like it’s beckoning at you! And once i heard that,my heart felt so heavy because i knew what God was allowing me to see and know what was on my trail! I have seen shadows moving so much and i know that God was with me because i started to see Gold lightning after a while whenever i would see the demons coming after me. Shortly,i went and got saved,sanctified and filled with God’s precious Holyghost and now i live a life of Holiness. It was nothing but the blood of Jesus!!! That saved me,HalleluYAH!!! I got tired of putting my wife,my dogs,cats and myself threw that mess! It’s so much more that happened that i don’t have the time right now to keep going. My dogs eyes would turn pitch black! I would hear the demons manipulate the tv and talk threw it just tormenting me constantly. When i got saved and Holyghost filled,i talked to my leaders at my Church at Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas Tx and i told them everything and that’s when i found out that the gold lightning was God protecting me because He had work for me to do.

Crystal Meth is a gateway portal straight to hell and it’s going to take Jesus saving you. I got tired of hearing the whispers and my bed shaking and my t.v popping. I hated watching porn but i couldn’t control myself. If anyone who’s reading this,needs Jesus…listen! If you find yourself high and the devil is trying to possess you and you start to shake and you start to feel sick like your going throw up,You need to yell out…JESUS PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! But you have to mean it because the devil will try to possess you while your on it. Sometimes he jus waits till your oppressed,depressed and then he possesses,i know because it happened to me. I called out for the Lord to forgive me and the supernatural happened. Jesus showed up and all i know is that the demons jumped out or off of me and my wife and i heard them running on our roof! It was a supernatural noise and feeling! But you do not have to let it get to this,Go to God now and repent!!!

God bless you.

2 years ago

I’m glad u brought this up But u have a one sided opinion . meth has opened my mind up positively no regrets I’m much more aware of the meaning of life and way more positive I have pushed all negativity out to under stand more from my angle please u tube the holigraphic disclosure thanks

2 years ago

How do I properly utilize methamphetamine to contact demons? I have been integrating it with my vitamin regimen, but thus far all it seems to have one is give me incredible mental acuity and the ability to psychically read the neurological blueprints of those who are in servitude to “jwh”. What mechanisms are necessary in order to properly invoke the manifestation of physical demons. It would be preferable to this “genius intellect” nonsense.

2 years ago

This is all wrong. I’ve done meth twice and had a 12-month dextroamphetamine addiction. I’ve also abused opitates, benzos, dissociatives and even a few deliriants. Now I meditate daily and still take psychoactives but few and far between.

I would like to point out from my experienced perspective that psychosis feels like your inner demons are manifesting themselves externally. When I saw shadow people they were not frightening and didn’t seem to care or even be aware that I existed. Maybe this is because I’m not afraid of the dark or the mysterious? What would frighten me is when I would hear demonic birds flying outside and hearing creatures moving through the gaps in the walls. Spiders were the worst because it became difficult to tell real spiders from fake spiders. At the time I was terrified of spiders and was a bit of a shut-in. This is probably why amphetamine psychosis elicited those hallucinations.

So if you’re still reading you might want to go on a rant about spirits and that what I saw was real. Before you do you should know that I am very spiritual and have met many entities on many planes of existence. I have seen actual demonic spirits which are more similar to what has been depicted in this article and I have had to defend myself against a few. The trick is that they prey on fear and can’t actually do anything to you. They use fear to get you to hurt yourself. Maybe this means people who are suffering from meth psychosis are more vulnerable targets and that some meth users have been able to see these spirits manipulating them. Even then it would mean meth isn’t making them see the spirits it is only making them more desirable for spirits to manipulate. In other words meth can be used to improve spiritual focus but it would require an immense amount of willpower.

2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

wow, that is a long hub and long comments that I thought I could never get to the bottom, I say, prayers help to overcome everything including demons

Black Sheep
2 years ago

I have used method for over 20 years I am 47. Meth has taken so much away from me like 3 times in jail first time 14 months second time 50 days and the third time 19 months. It has made me do a lot of things I would never have done. Yet I keep coming back to it time and time again I can’t shake it. I believe it is a form of self medication but when you have bin through and seen the things I have seen its enough to drive a person to the point of insanity. I was involved in a crew in BC and we were ordered to do things that still haunt me to this day. Think of the worst gang movie you have ever seen and times it by 10 now you are getting the picture. The longest I have stayed up for was almost 28 days without sleep. I can’t say I have ever seen demands or anything like that but I can see the changes that happen to the ones around me. I have seen method break up a solid house hold of good people in less then 8 months that when from a loving and caring family to losing there kids there house and everything that own. The end up staying where ever that can. Method seems to take away woman’s souls that become cold and uncaring that blame the bad things that happen on meth and that use method to cope with the bad things that happen. Men it turns a man into a much more aggressive person, uncaring yet more sensitive. But if you think about it where does one go for help. The justice system puts math users in jail rather then offer them help. These people don’t need to be put in jail that become more resentful and lose even more hope till that get to a point where meth is the only thing that know. So instead of sitting back reading stories make a difference make a call write some one and only then will things ever change. So instead of being part of the problem do something about it and help these people help them selves. Meth is like no other drug on earth and the penalty for addiction should no be incarceration that will just keep making things worse.. Thank for your time and remember one person can make a big difference.

2 years ago

I have smoke meth. I do believe that demons dwell where this stuff is smoked or done however you wish. I’ve seen groups of people takes pictures of who could blow a bigger hit. In these pictures you could clearly see demonic faces in the clouds. This was done in different groups of method smokers whom I knew didn’t know each other put they all did the same took pictures of each other and the same faces had shown up.

2 years ago

From shadow people (black shadows you see when you’ve been up for a couple nights in your room even with the lights off) tooo figures and faces in clouds and trees tooo some outline of a figure which walks through a tree and then to the other side of your backyard into the fence tooo what appears to be a wireless signal or signals in the sky which drops down fast tooo your computer screen starting to move and animate tooo hearing voices and songs and lines of movies in your head tooo past pornographic videos that come back to haunt us when wore not tweaking tooo this is all a set up and there are people in the trees with guns pointed at me tooo staring at the sun for to long till your eyes start to burn and water in which your will see a red spot for a little bit and then start yelling at the sun then half the sky is blue and half the sky is gray then escorted to jail where you are put in a holding cell in which you feel the cops are just gonna leave you there to die and just turn off the lights and leave the building in which now your yelling help at the top of your lungs so they finally open the door and now you feel relieved there letting you out of the cell in which you feel like a caged animal only to be taken down hard and tackled to the ground by 3 cops on one 145 lb vegetarian now your on the ground crying saying what did i do and all you hear is just relax you feel like a cop if cutting your back open and putting something inside you or taking something out now here comes a paramedic lady to give you a shot in the arm in which you say i dont want that, they dont care if you dont want it, they give it to you anyway now your taken to a hospital and strapped down in a bed with 3 cops outside to watch and they forcefully take your blood cause they said you refused a urine test in which all you remember saying was help now there trying to put salt water in you cause they say your dehydrated COULD THIS ALL BE FROM STARING AT THE SUN FOR TO LONG? tooo thinking the moon or sun following you when you walk or run tooo thinking the earth is gonna one day turn into atlantis tooo asking who zeus is tooo feeling like area 51 is where the voices in your head are telling you home is tooo beleiving so much on Jesus you just wanna wait for his return tooo praying to greek gods cause your trying to find out the true God tooo feeling like your not from earth tooo feeling like nobody really cares about you and everyone is out to get you tooo thinking meth is good for you cause you have a.d.d and cant learn with out it tooo feeling like the tv or music is talking to you tooo thinking the tv or computer screen is recording you while you watch porn and play with your self tooo thinking you are something when you are not so now you must become nothing to become something tooo thinking if i cant do what Jesus did why waste my time tooo thinking your spiritual gift if prophecy tooo reading the online news and see one religious group being killed by another while the nobody else even cares but seems to agreeing with the eveil religious group tooo feeling like homosexual marriage is not correct by God tooo feeling like If god said thou shall not kill then why would he have his Son be killed tooo not have any friends too feel like everyone is doing better in life than you are too feel like after 10 years of preying to God you really dont know what your doing or believe in anymore too have this random scrpiture come to mind… Romans 8:24 It is *in hope* that we have been saved. But an object of hope is such no longer when it is present to view; for when a man has a thing before his eyes, how can he be said to hope for it?

lady in nm
2 years ago

i had started hearing the people i smoked with thoughts and saw my own death by the people i s

had smoked with. Crazy evil stuff i lurked in. Thankfully i stopped

2 years ago

I used Meth on again off again for five years, I started when I was 18, I’m 29 now and have got 5 years sober March 11. I was raised Christian, and I Love God, while I was using when i was 18, I was quickly homeless, I stayed in a condemned hotel, at night I would be consumed with fear, there was one room specifically that when I walked past all my hair would stand up and I knew there was something there, in the dark. There was a dog that seemed like it patrolled the rooms and would stop and bark at that room. I saw the dark shadow man many times, across the street, or in the corner of my eye. I’m so glad I got out. And I had to work extremely hard to stay off of Meth. It took everything from me, and even when I thought I had nothing left to lose, it took more. I lived every day so consumed with fear and never really understood why. But reading this just put all the pieces together. It all makes so much sense now. By the Grace of God I’m still here, raising my kids, healthy, happy, and always moving forward

2 years ago

I used crystal for about 15 years on and off. I went from snorting it to smoking it, which I preferred. I never once saw any of those dark shadows or strange men in corners. Yes, I eventually got in trouble with the law, but I never halucinated or saw crazy stuff. I never imagined anyone was following me. When it came time for me to make a decision to stop using, I just quit buying it. I didn’t go through withdrawls. And I used almost everyday for the last 2 years out of the 15 total. I have been clean for 7 years now. So maybe my case is different but I never felt any of the things you are talking about. I went to work everyday (I had 2 jobs) and I considered my self to be a functioning addict.

2 years ago

I first noticed a demon in my girlfriend when I’d look in her eyes they where empty and she wasn’t the same person I onced loved it hurt me a lot I would ask it to take me but it refused but try to take my Breath well I slept she would be gone constantly I’d here things in her living room I thought it was her one time I went out and her roses where spilt over the island table as if something was mad it stayed cold in the apartment I’d lock myself in her room cause I felt a presence but never really told her but watched the strange activity she would do please be careful with meth cause if your weak it’s possible that you can lose your soul and not be the same in life like u would normally be.

2 years ago

I agree with everything except that you cannot hallucinate on meth i have hallu inated on meth several times while eating capsules full of large amounts meth .

2 years ago

Thanks do the frugs dont let the drugs do you

2 years ago

My “friend” was driving me home… I was tweaking so bad… Uhh.. I saw this metal sign and it was the devil with a weird sign… Almost as if I pulled into the place the devil would be ruling it like it was his house or something.. I was so shocked and tongue tied I couldn’t even say anything til about a few weeks after it and I wish I wish I went inside to see what’s up or maybe that coulda been the end of me

2 years ago

I can honestly say that I have experienced some of the most bizarre and scariest things I have ever saw in my life on this drug. It ruined my life and my family. First off it takes control over your mind, leads you to do the unspeakable. I have seen shadows lurking around me in my room, outside, everywhere. One time I walked outside to have a ciggarette on the porch and as soon as I shut the door behind me and sat down I looked to the left of me and there sat some demon looking child, she had white skin with lesions all over her and pitch black hair covering over her eyes but you could see her evil look on her face and her black marble colored eyes were peeking through her hair staring straight at me. My heart just sank in and I lost my breath ran in the house terrified even to be inside the house. When I was a teenager around the age of 13 way before I was even introduced to this terrible drug, I have had the experience of demonic possession. I don’t think I was fully under possession because I started to pray but only inside my head because the devil wouldnt let me speak! I was laying on my bed sleeping as usual, i believe it was around 2 or 3 am., I started to dream or should I say started having a nightmare, at first it was as if my body was very very weak, I got very very hot, like I was sweating alot, and I was seeing bibles in flames and scary dead people ripping their face off and laughing at me and upside down crosses, it was really weird. I believe I tried to scream but as I did I couldnt let out nothing but a peep, I was too weak to even speak. It was as if he had control over my entire body. I then awoke but still weak and hot at this moment and I was terrified, my bed was spinning my room was spinning, it was as if someone spun me around a million times and I tried to get up and run out my room but it was so hard,I prayed in my head over and over and finally it was as if jesus gave me energy to get up and run. as soon as my feet touched the floor, my doorway began to get further and further away from me. This is no joke, I mean I really saw this with my own two eyes. I finally made it out the door which felt like 5 minutes just to walk out my room, and I made it to the hallway and the hallway grew longer, I was trying to run to my parents room to tell them what had happened. So I was…

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27 thoughts on “2022 Combat Crystal Meth:  The Demons, the Evils and Horrors 

    1. First ill say reguardles of any of your beliefs, u helped me already just knowing im not alone and this is happening to others and that its the drug. I thought I was loosing my mind. Been seeing alien beings walking on my bed at night. Very small yet very annoying. Also shadow people everywhere in my home with as was mentioned bright red eyes. Will quoting stop the visions? Or is my 3rd eye open for good reguardles of use?

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      1. Ed, thank you for sharing all that you are going through. However none of what you have shared is new to me. I have volunteered myself to help those who are through the same struggles.

        When all of the drugs came on the scene, the drugs came as a materialized Satan offering a temporary HIGH (supposed happiness) for the exchange of souls. Many fell for it as a culture of “cool”. But Satan was smart to offer people a fake Heaven. The penalty is that with drugs Satan has the drug user’s mind to further manipulate into deep sins of crime and take him to Hell. Our world is not just physical but spiritual. The unseen battle presents some really fierce attacks.

        We all have a guardian angel that we address by saying “my guardian angel”. You don’t know the power God has given us and you over darkness, and, if you are inclined, go here Luke 10:19 in the Holy Bible. One other share of love for you Ed: do not let a drop of Christ’s blood escape you in the battle. Call on the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ when you see hear or suspect these spirits are around. Say “Precious Blood of Jesus Christ Save Me”! Your Third eye is opened every time that you call on the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ! I do have more info for you and if interested, respond back. JonAk


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  2. For the ones that are off the drugs and clean and still are being haunted by these demons, there is a certified exorcist in the Netherlands who effectively removes them from your aura. He does not need to see you. He removed an entity that was attached to for 18 yrs (not drug related) Check out his website. It’s in Dutch but thank God we have Google Translate. If you wish to contact him I’d be happy to translate for you in Dutch. Stay blessed and strong for those still fighting.


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  3. Excellent post…with so much to learn from here. Between working in healthcare + from personal experience, I’ve seen many people like this + always hope that those afflicted with these addictions can get help. This post here helps to illuminate ways out of this darkness.

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    1. Meth is the drug that has taken over many others as cocaine, crack coicaine and pcp. There is so much darkness with drug usage. The causes and the effects are “Pure’ insanity. Thank you for the feedback . Best regards.


  4. I used to be one who, while sympathetic, would look down on those who’d ‘allowed’ themselves to become addicted to alcohol and illicit drugs.

    Then I began to understand that serious life trauma, notably adverse childhood experiences, is usually behind a substance abuser’s debilitating lead-ball-and-chain self-medicating.

    The greater the drug-induced euphoria or escape one attains from its use, the more one wants to repeat the experience; and the more intolerable one finds their sober reality, the more pleasurable that escape should be perceived. By extension, the greater one’s mental pain or trauma while sober, the greater the need for escape from reality, thus the more addictive the euphoric escape-form will likely be.

    Tragically, the pain may be so overwhelming that the most extreme and potentially permanent form of escape—suicidal behaviour—is sometimes chosen.

    Yet, in many straight minds drug addicts have somehow committed a moral crime, perhaps even those who’d become addicted to opiates prescribed them for an innocent sports or work injury.

    We now know pharmaceutical corporations intentionally pushed their new very addictive opiate pain killers—the real moral crime!—for which they got off relatively lightly, considering the resulting immense suffering and overdose death numbers.

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    1. Hi Mary. It is our job to help addicts break free from their addictions. I never thought I would live to see all horror movie evils to come together and ravage our lives. Thank you for sharing your feelings. God’s blessings.

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  5. Bonjour ou bonsoir la douceur de vivre
    C’est un café avec une amie, un ami un baiser volé, un message inattendu
    C’est le regard amical d’un passant.
    C’est répondre au téléphone et entendre avec surprise la voix de ceux que nous aimons
    C’est une bouffée d’air frais après une journée enfermée dans une pièce.
    C’est un sourire
    C’est une promenade au soleil après des semaines de pluie
    C’est le sourire d’un enfant.
    C’est notre chanson préférée à la radio
    C’est la pleine lune.
    C’est un câlin affectueux
    Belle semaine à vous tous profitez bien je vous offre un petit déjeuner


  6. That must be a terrifying journey. So glad I was never introduced to crystal meth. My heart goes out to the familes of those who have had to experience this with loved ones. Must be horrible!


    1. Blessings Bev. Drugs are horrible and because of our liberalism, drugs were used as an attack on our country. From the top of government to those who are homeless, drugs speaks to the spirit of many, giving illusions of worldly supremacy. God bless. 🕊🎿


  7. Bonjour mon Ami Amie

    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme l’eau s’offre à la terre
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme la terre offre des fleurs
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme l’arbre donne des fruits
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme l’eau s’offre au sable
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Comme un bébé vient de naitre
    Je te donne mon Amitié
    Car la tienne compte beaucoup pour moi.
    Bonne semaine. Gros bisous.

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    1. Peace love and blessings. Your words are what the world needs currently. You are kind!🕊

      Hello my friend friend I give you my Friendship As water offers itself to the earth I give you my Friendship As the earth offers flowers I give you my Friendship As the tree bears fruit I give you my Friendship As water offers itself to the sand I give you my Friendship Like a baby was born I give you my Friendship Because yours means a lot to me. Good week. Lots of love.


    1. God opens doors for those who are tired of Satan’s fake heaven. It appears that every 100 years there is a revival— The Glorious Revolution which gave birth to evangelism and the wagon train prayer meetings. The Azusa Street Revival is another. The biggest revival ever is coming soon. For me Revivals are like the Renaissance when God pours out his spirit and inspires men.

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