The Great Tribulation And The Bayside Messages! The Immaculate Mother Speaks!

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What is the Great Tribulation?

In the Bible we read about the Great Tribulation, a time of trouble and difficulty as never before seen on the earth, leading up to the Millennium.

From the account of events in Revelation 3-19 we can see that the Great Tribulation has three stages.Source

Bayside Messages


“My Son’s hand has now been withdrawn and the tribulation is coming upon mankind.”

Tenth Anniversary off Our Lady Coming to Bayside, NY – June 18, 1980

Veronica – There’s a beautiful blue illumination coming out from beyond the trees. The illumination of blue cascading, oh, like rays of beautiful sunshine from the trees high up into the sky. Our Lady is coming closer. She’s traveling in very fast, coming from a great distance, because now Our Lady is coming down.

She’s dressed in the most beautiful white gown. Oh, the brilliance and the brightness… so beautiful! Our Lady has on a white mantle. There is a trim of about a half inch of gold all about Her mantle. Our Lady has on Her head a most beautiful golden crown. It’s not the Fatima crown.

It has – it’s very delicate in appearance and gold. It has a – it’s circular, setting down high on Our Lady’s forehead. Our Lady has Her mantle – the mantle is coming halfway down over Her forehead, and the crown is just about on the edge of Her mantle.

Our Lady has Her hands joined in prayer, and about Her fingers the beautiful Rosary with the golden Our Fathers and the translucent Hail Marys are entwined about Our Lady’s hands. Oh, She’s so beautiful!

Our Lady is looking about Her. She’s smiling She has a soft, sad smile. It’s quite windy. Our Lady’s long gown is caught about Her feet. And now I can see that Our Lady has on a pair of the most beautiful sandals. They’re gold. They’re strapped with one strap about Her ankle. As the wind is blowing, I can see Her sandals; they go down to the edge of Her toes. And just on the edge is the most delicate golden rose on each foot.

Our Lady now is taking the crucifix from Her Rosary and extending it out, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Our Lady is placing the crucifix to her mouth and kissing Her Jesus. Now Our Lady is placing Her first finger to Her lips, which means to listen and repeat.

Our Lady – “My child and My children, and especially My child Veronica, do I speak to you now to console you for your past sufferings, and I must bring you additional news of salvation for many.

The Cross Will Not Be Lifted

“My child, the cross will not be lifted from you. Your mission as a voice box will be shortened; however, the Mission from Heaven will continue, as those whom We have called to assist in the Mission have, I assure you, My child and My children, adopted themselves well into their roles. Heaven finds them fully capable of now accepting the responsibility, as you will grow weaker and unable to come from your bed.

“Do not be saddened, My child, at this news; it is truly a great grace for mankind. There will be many victim souls throughout the world. Remember, My child, I told you many years ago that I could not promise you a life without suffering upon earth. Therefore, you will continue with great patience and understanding.

“There will be many sent to assist in the Mission from Heaven. Do not be concerned of the acceptance of mankind at this time. It is all in the plan of the Eternal Father in the salvation of souls during these days of the Antichrist.

“You must make it known to all that I, your Mother, as a Medatrix between God and man, will continue to guide you in the remaining days ahead. The Eternal Father, My Son, and the Spirit of life shall guide you all in the remaining days ahead.

A Very Crucial Period Of Tribulation

“You are entering now into a very crucial period of tribulation. Your world, your country, your nation, the United States, will find much suffering and death. My children and My child, how often have I wandered among you bringing you the warnings from Heaven, and how many have listened and acted upon My counsel?

“Yes, My child, there have been many years of suffering, demanding patience and perseverance for many in the Mission from Heaven. You will all continue to go forward, remembering always that there lies ahead a great chastisement for mankind, the Ball of Redemption. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Only a few will be saved.

“Already the Eternal Father has marked His own, and the forces of evil under the title of 666 have marked their own. The war of the spirits accelerates. You will soon understand that the Eternal Father has now taken away all restraint, and you will all be now subjected to the great test.

“My child, in your weakened condition, I will not ask you to bring forth again the many minor chastisements, the great War, and the Ball of Redemption, for there is a time for your relief, and We are extending this for a short time. In your state of incapacity, My child, you will still accomplish much work. Pray constantly, My child. The test is great, but the reward will far exceed all earthly sufferings and tests.

For Those Who Will Fall Away

“You must make it known now to all of the workers in the Mission from Heaven these words. For those who will fall away and do not flourish in grace, I say unto you now, to all workers: If you lose your way and stop your mission, I repeat unto you the words of My Son: If the workers have been told the truth and they do not hasten to return, it is their own punishment that they have accepted. I repeat: If the workers have been told the truth and they do not hasten to return to the Mission, it will be their own punishment that they have chosen.

Read full bayside message

12 thoughts on “The Great Tribulation And The Bayside Messages! The Immaculate Mother Speaks!

  1. A great tribulation indeed and we are in the midst of it. Our good priest said at Mass … “Got to confession and stay in the state of sanctifying grace.” God has sent Our Lady from heaven so much and most of those who could help her have turned their backs. The Pope has just eliminated the celebration of the Immaculate Conception in Rome … That is only one thing he did among many. … must not forget the worship of idols by the Pope (pachamama) . I wonder why something hasn’t been given from heaven already but then the chaos and confusion we are suffering is a chastisement. Thank you dear ever Immaculate Mary for all your visits. I loved them all … you bring us the grace of God and some peace with your visits … even tho the news is often bad. You were HERE close to us.

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    1. The false pope falsely eliminated the feast of the immaculate conception. Chastisement? The messages speaks of chastisement and of the false pope (Pope Francis of the New World Order). The previous pope, Pope Benedict XVI was chased away in 2O11 or 2O12. We were forewarned.


  2. Bonjour

    En ce petit matin, je te souhaite une merveilleuse journée
    Que chacune des 24 heures à venir ne soit que plaisir
    Que ce jour soit doux et qu’il t’emporte réussite et prospérité.
    Bise amicale Bernard

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    1. Salut! Votre salutation est remplie de la bonté de la paix. Les bénédictions de Dieu toujours! 💟🕊


  3. Ah, had a very busy few weeks, so now I am catching up on my blogfriends. The great tribulation is something anyone who believes in God and the Bible, something we would avoid!! Hope you and I won’t be on this earth at that time …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way. Even if we are not here we will be somewhere. Hell? Purgatory! I do not know. Being asleep or in heaven is good enough for me.


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