Are You In An Equally-Yoked Relationship?

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2 Corinthians 6:14

    Inspired by the new single by Gospel great Earnest Pugh.  God has a plan for your life that has yet to be revealed to you. How can you forget or erase all that God’s love has brought you through? HE IS NOT DONE ! 

     Go pick up the new album “Survive” by Earnest Pugh and begin to speak these words over your life. God remembers you, He sees you and even more, He Loves you !

Go listen to the song now! Let it minister to you…

By IamPastorChris


     Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

     2 Corinthians 6:14 makes it clear that when people come together in partnership, they should not be unequally yoked.  This is not to say that believers cannot socialize or work with unbelievers, this is referring to partnerships; the forming of two or more in a contractual agreement to advance or solidify their mutual interest together for long time goals. This could be legal business partners, engaged couples, and especially, married couples.


Why is this so important, especially in marriages? Well think of it this way,

     In parts of some countries, farmers still use oxen to plow their crops.  Two oxen are paired together with a yoke, or a wooden bar, in order to work together equally and carry the loads in unity.  However, if one oxen is shorter than the other or if one is stronger than the other, then one will carry the load more than the other and their work will be in opposition with one another. This will delay the end result or become incomplete because of the inadequately of the two.


So, when two people marry, they have to be equally yoked in order to reach the oneness that God intended couples to reach. If one has a complete opposite philosophical view over the other, then it will cause conflict, resistance, hostility, and unbearable disagreements.


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5 thoughts on “Are You In An Equally-Yoked Relationship?

    1. Thank you for your acknowledgement of a spiritual union. Have a blessed weekend and celebration .

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  1. Notre amitié est précieuse
    Car elle me rend heureux
    Tu es mon meilleur(e) ami(e)
    Car tu es ici
    Tu m’as tendu la main
    Par tes écris tes mots
    Tu as renversé mon destin
    Sans toi je ne suis rien
    Et avec toi je suis si bien
    Cela me fais toujours plaisir de te laisser un petit mot
    Ou une image
    A toi mon ami(e) belle journée bise

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    1. Peace and blessings to you brother Bernard, Christ himself, in God, is our redeemer offering each one of us the gift of supreme love and every real good and joy. You are a special vessel. ✝️🕊


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