Rome, the Seat of the anti Christ

Popes are in the papacy until they die. Why did Pope Ratzinger flee? Looks are deceiving.

To better understand the person of the antichrist, you can begin by reading Revelation 13:1-4. As you read, ask God to help you understand His Word (Psalms 119:73). Bible study tools

10 thoughts on “Rome, the Seat of the anti Christ

    1. Thanks Dawn for replying.There are a lot of thoughts on the Anti-Christ. Aoc believes that the Anti-Christ is not only a man but the spirit of non-believers during these end times. We have attended Bayside many times. The following is a Bayside message:

      Secret conference being held to exterminate Pope

      “My child and My children, you will continue to pray for your Vicar in Rome, Pope John Paul II. At this very moment, there is now being held a conference, in secret to the world for his extermination, and to place upon the Seat of Peter the despot.

      “Yes, My child, you’ve heard that word before, the ‘despot.’ I say it for reason.

      The antichrist

      “You will continue to pray a vigil of prayers for the clergy of the world. Darkness has descended upon My Son’s Churches upon earth. Whatever shall become of you all in the chaos that is fast coming to your country and other nations of the world! There will soon enter upon your world a despot. Number two, I call him. But many have named him, and the Book of life refers to him as the Antichrist.

      “Yes, My children, you will recognize him by his deeds. Many will sell their souls to him to get to the head, but all that is rotten will fall eventually. No matter what the struggle to keep the light in your country and the world, you will go forward as soldiers of light, carrying your banner Faithful and True, in the face of adversity.

      “My child and My children, I had promised you relief from the suffering now being inflicted even on little children, of AIDS. This will come in due time. This is actually based, My child and My children, on the acceptance of mankind of the Eternal Father and My Son as their leaders.”

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  1. JPII was the 4th in a series of antipopes since the usurpation of the Chair of Peter 2 days after a pope was elected and then threatened into invalid abdication at the 1958 papal conclave. See Bayside, like Medjugorje and so many other recent purported private revelations, is not from heaven. Much little known info on JPII is here:

    Jesus said that in the latter times, i.e. our times, even the elect will be deceived.

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    1. The Lord will guide us in his truth. No matter the deception, it is important that we remain faithful through prayer and trust in Gods and he will guide us. We can debate all night and day but prayer and submission with good faithful works will lead us out of the world’s current darkness.

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    1. The anti Christ will take control of the world economy. Wall Street is a full of Toruń’s and tricks.


  2. Over the years, I’ve come to believe the antichrist is a movement of people around the globe. Millions of people who are of literally ‘against Christ’ and the Christian Faith. We may see a leader, false prophet, and the rest, but we’re dealing with an incredibly large network of evil. An evil machine working 24/7 to achieve their agenda.

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    1. Peace and blessings to you Shankjoe. The anti-Christ movement and/ or man, both are possible with the man creating a movement or the movement allowing for a leader. Let’s be prayerfully vigilant.🙏

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