The Great Chastisement

will come as The Great Tribulation

Will you be deceived?

-There will be murderous forms of depopulating the world’s people; the beast can better control a smaller world population

There will be a One World Order

The entire world will be computerized

-the armies of the world will give reverence to the beast

There will be One Currency

Every company, every product and every school will be assigned a number. (The Precious Blood July Devotions)

Those who are not in alignment with God may think they are powerful but then there will be an unexpected turn of events. The unjust will be taken by surprise.

God tests us all and God never rewards evil doers.


—-the Great Warning and the Great Chastisement…

My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning. I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe.” – Jesus, September 14, 1976

Our Lady of the Roses has come to prepare the world spiritually and materially for the great sorrows that are to come upon mankind, begging us to return to a life of grace. As She has said many times, Heaven has come to save our souls.

There is only one ultimate tragedy for each of us, and that is if we lose our eternal soul. Each of us must prepare spiritually by living the Commandments, by returning to the Sacraments and a life of prayer, including the daily Rosary. Jesus tells us, “If you were engaged in mortal combat of the body with another, you would expound great effort to win your cause. Therefore, My children, why have you not used your energies for the salvation of your eternal soul?” (November 24, 1973)

Prepare for the Great Warning
Cleanse your soul

You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial.”
– Our Lady, December 24, 1973

Beginning of the terrible sorrows…
Our Lady “I come to earth from Heaven. I have roamed your world in tears. It truly now rains teardrops from Heaven. With the coming of the Warning to mankind, pray and pray much, for it is the beginning of the terrible sorrows.” (7-15-73)

The Heavens In Upheaval
    Jesus – “My children, as time proceeds further onto the road that leads to the great Chastisement, as man goes further into darkness of spirit, there will be set upon the world great trial. You have entered into the time of great sorrows. You will find the heavens in upheaval; plagues, floods, great heat will befall mankind. My children, it will be a test for all.” (6-4-77)

You would grovel on your knees…
Our Lady
“You cannot count your earth – years as being long any longer. If only I could show you, the prideful and boastful United States and Canada – if I could show you what the enemy has in store for you now, you would grovel on your knees to make restitution to the Eternal Father. But now this must be taught to you in a most sorrowful way.” (9-27-86)

No Third Reprieve
    Note: In the past the Great Warning has been postponed twice. A third postponement will not be given:
    Jesus – “What can I say at this time? How can I promise further reprieves for an unrepentant generation?” (12-24-75)
    Our Lady – “The merciful heart of the Eternal Father has given you two reprieves in the past, My children. The third reprieve shall not be given.” (4-5-75)

The sky shall roll back like a scroll . . .
The Bible tells us of the Warning; “And the Heavens passed away as a scroll that is rolled up.” (Apoc 6:14)
Our Lady“There will be a tremendous explosion, and the sky shall roll back like a scroll. This force shall go within the very core of the human. He will understand his offenses to his God. However, this warning will be of short duration, and many shall continue upon their road to perdition, so hard are the hearts hardened now, My child.” (6-12-76)

Beware of the sunrise!

Our Lady – “As the day follows night, so shall this Warning follow soon. Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky – the flash! Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky – the flash! Close your windows; draw your shades, remain inside. Do not venture outside your door, or you will not return. Pray! Prostrate yourselves upon your floors! Pray with arms outstretched and beg for mercy of your God the Father.

Do not seek to receive your animals into your homes, for the animals of those who have remained of well spirit will be taken care of.
“O My children, how many will try to go back and restore their homes when it is too late!

“Keep blessed candles, water, blankets, food within your homes. The candles of those who have remained in the state of grace shall not be extinguished, but the candles in the homes of those who have given themselves to satan shall not burn!

Amen I say to you: as night follows day, a great darkness shall descend upon mankind.” (6-12-76)

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