Bayside NY – Heaven on Violating the Young


Our Lady….March 3, 1978 “Many are selling their souls to get to the head. Satan is in my Son’s House now. No evil is ever triumphant; however, the Eternal Father permits this trial to mankind and the church for the separation of the sheep from the goats. In this trial all that is rotten shall fall.”

Parents, teachers, have you all become insane, selling the bodies of your children?! Red Hats, bishops, you go about earth oppressing the children of God , but you neither chastise nor condemn, the evil ones in your House, the Church.”


May 18, 1977 “Oh My children, My heart is torn, as a mother’s heart is torn, when I see all the crimes and violations of the little chidren being committed by parents, not only strangers, but parents of innocent children subjecting these innocents to all manner of debasement and violation!

Woe to the parent that has given his child to satan for worldly gain.

My children, filth is placed before your eyes; filth is taped in by the infernal machines of your television, and filth is being brought into your schools and all of your medias of communication!

As it was in the days of Noe, as it was in the days Sodom, so you now disport yourselves in a like manner, and I tell you, My children, the hand of My Son shall fall heavy upon you. Woe to the parent who sells the soul of his child for human gain! It is better that he as a child had died in his mother’s womb!


Our Lady… JUNE 16, 1977 “My children, you must separate what is important and what is not. The spirit is your eternal flame. You will guide by it, My children. Nourish your spirit and not your human bodies. Too, much time is spent in amusement of the human body, seeking entertainment that is being created by satan to poison your minds. As I have counseled you in the past, your medias of entertainment are polluted. Your children must be protected against this pollution in pornography and exploitation of sex.

“O parents, you have the greatest battle now to keep the souls of your children from contamination. the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so protect your children’s eyes: watch what they read and what they look upon. Discipline your children and you shall not cry later as parents.” Bayside Messages

Immaculate Mother Apparition to Seer Veronica Bayside New York from 1970-1994/95?…until Veronica’s death

8 thoughts on “Bayside NY – Heaven on Violating the Young

  1. Ongoing request for mercy remains denied. I am clford2121. I follow myself everywhere. I will never forget and I will never stop fighting for the children taking my place.

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    1. Not long ago, there was a thing called moral consciousness. The conscious must never fade to dark.

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