There was once a wealthy businessman who upon planning for his retirement, asked a well-known contractor to build a most spectacular dream home for his final retreat. The contactor was given all of the measurements and specifications for a 2-story mansion, with 8 bedrooms on each floor, 3 patios and 2 swimming pools. The wealthy businessman told the contractor to choose the very best materials and to spare no expense. Now, the contractor had a large family and work for him had become quite scarce. He, therefore welcomed the project as a wonderful  financial opportunity.

The contractor got busy.  He was busy for weeks and for months. But, although the contractor was receiving huge amounts of funds from the wealthy businessman, he spent the least amount on all the building materials, for the gain of a bigger profit. Then came the day when the retirement retreat was ready. The wealthy businessman looked upon the completed project, turned to the contractor, smiled and said, “This home is my gift to you my friend.”


18 thoughts on “PAPER MONEY (A HEARTLESS EXCHANGE OF WORTH) Author unknown

    1. Well stated Smitty. If we were to go by individual names, our communication would be out of tact. Blessing to you brother in Christ.


    1. I believe the Lord is doing the same with giving us graces to serve him. Caught in the act of disobedience, are those who are serving themselves. 😞

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