Does pornography help marriages or wear marriages out?

Satan is keenly knowledgeable about the concupiscence of the flesh. Remember, Satan challenged the flesh of man to a fall from God’s grace in the garden of Eden. And, today man still lingers within the confusion of his disobedience to God.

Our shared post speculates on various levels of consciousness that pornography does not help marriages and eventually wears marriages out.

Undeniably, pornography is a deep-rooted bondage whereby the mind becomes delusional through a myriad of sexual doors opened by Satan. Satan is clever at introducing man to new, different, unconventional and heightened forms of sexual desires for his further entrapment. And, thereafter, the game of satisfaction is continually thrived upon.

With the high rates of fornication lifestyles, divorce, sexual crimes, sexual confusion, desires leading to child pornography and sex trafficking, clearly Satan’s whim’s are continuing to lead the world into many bounds and leaps to Hell.

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