Life Bears Witness to Itself

Christopher Duffley is a 10 Years old blind autistic kid with an amazing voice. He proves that someone who looks different doesn’t mean he has anything less.

This boy is a gift for all of us. Keep singing Christopher. Let’s share Chris’ angelic voice. Please visit Christopher’s website at:

Meet Christopher TODAY.

Christopher Duffley is now a 20-year-old musician, inspirational speaker, and podcaster. Born prematurely, Christopher is blind as a result of Retinopathy of Prematurity. He was later diagnosed with Autism but as Christopher puts it, “Yah- I have blindess and autism, but it doesn’t stop me!”

7 thoughts on “Life Bears Witness to Itself

    1. I am too touched by his life from a parent using drugs and the result. Amen, life is a testimony and that includes yours and mine.

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