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With all of the unexpected challenges in life, and day to day conflicts, we need God’s help. Especially during those times when immediacy for the perfect help is unavailable. There are times in life when situations are overwhelmingly precarious, causing us to become highly stressful and desperate,. This is where serious prayer is needed and, we may be in need of a miracle, AMAZINGLY, all miracles come from God.

GOD wants us to talk to him and ask him to fulfill our needs, through petitions called prayer, God wants us to be faithful and trusting of him. God answers our prayers in love, through his will, for our very best.

The following link is a testimony of an answered prayer.


The following song is about prayer— we hope that you will be inspired

Prayer Changes Things | Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar is an incredible Gospel singer. Caesar has released over forty albums. She has participated in over 16 compilations and three gospel musicals, Mama I Want to Sing, Sing: Mama 2 and Born to sing: Mama 3. She is also the creator of the #unameit challenge, which occurred during one of her song sermonettes.

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