“You Oughta’ Been There When the Lord Saved Me!” She said, “I was a prostitute”… Another was a Catholic priest destine for hell


“October 18, 1985 will be a date that I will remember until I take my dying breath.

I was involved in a head-on collision with a truck… …the scalp on the right side of my head was ripped from my skull.

The Accident

“Gang members shot him 8 times; an angel saved his life”

“I was like ‘God help me.”

Police suspect the attempted murder was a random case of initiates … He played piano with R&B singer Chris Brown. He traveled with gospel musicians like Donnie McClurkin, but he didn’t really pay attention to the gospel. He was drawn by the money and extravagant lifestyle. (Here ya go WordPress..com fact checkers— a FULL link!)

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“How Did I Get Like This? – A Prostitute Says” “I just remember going, ‘How did I get to this point? This is my life?” Tina Hoffman never intended to become a prostitute. But eventually, she lived up to her step-father’s words.

“I remember my step-dad telling me when I was little, ‘Oh, You’re just going to grow up to be a whore like your mother,'” Tina recalls. “My mom wasn’t of course. She was an extremely hardworking, you know, beautiful, wonderful mother.” Yt

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4 thoughts on ““You Oughta’ Been There When the Lord Saved Me!” She said, “I was a prostitute”… Another was a Catholic priest destine for hell

  1. Words are powerful. It was a pastor more than 20 years ago who said to me, what speaks louder, action or words?” He explained why words are more powerful than actions and we have it backwards. Since then, I’ve learned the power of our words. People used to know this was true. People used to be held accountable for every word they spoke. Now we have a world of stand-up comedy. 😊


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Words are powerful and in our busy world we can hear a lot of words. Words (and noise) are more provoking because even though words are external, words can seep into our minds and hearts causing actions and reactions. Outer dialogue mixed with technologies are in a massive state of confusion. Through prayer and meditation we can be sure of divine wisdom and guidance in our response to a noisy, wordy world. Love and peace to you Shank.

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