On My Way to Asbury

The 2023 Asbury revival is an ongoing Christian revival at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.[3] The event was prompted after students spontaneously stayed in Hughes Auditorium following a regularly scheduled chapel service on 8 Feb. 2023. News of the phenomena was quickly spread on social media and in Christian online publications.[4]The revival has been compared to similar revivals at Asbury, notably one that occurred in 1970, which had far-reaching consequences in Methodism, US culture, and in the growth of the Jesus movement.[5] The revival is noted for its use of social media, as the participants are mainly members of Generation Z. Wiki

7 thoughts on “On My Way to Asbury

        1. God’s Will cannot be undermined. Most cities and businesses would welcome high traffic events as a source of increased revenue. Livestream is the next best Asbury alternative.

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