There is Nothing Like A Good Laugh, Right?

We Should Take A Look At The Many Standup Comedians Today Who Are Using Disgusting, Violating Language and Descriptions As Part Of Their Act.

Laughing at the Sanctity of Life is a Big Happening in Our World Today.

Desecrating the Gift of Life is Harmful

You may say to yourself that you can handle a twisted sexual sense of humor. But, what you do not realize is that like a germ, defiled energy impacts the essence of intimacy and procreation.~

Our purpose in mortality is to become like our heavenly parents. Our divine understanding and use of sexual intimacy are essential to that process of becoming.

The law of chastity is an eternal law, given by our Heavenly Father to all His children in all ages. It remains in force and is as applicable today as it was in earlier times in history. As with other commandments, the law is given by Heavenly Father to bless and help His children achieve their divine potential.

Obeying the law of chastity includes abstaining from all sexual relations before marriage and remaining completely faithful and loyal after marriage. Sexual relations are to be limited to marriage between a man and a woman.

Heavenly Father intends that sexual relations in marriage be used to create children and to express love and strengthen the emotional, spiritual, and physical connections between husband and wife.


Our acceptance of vulgarity has become a door opener to the normalcy of sexual disrespect and deviations in our societies.

Because of our dark thoughts, speech and acts, it is no wonder why our world continues to grow in evil. Complacency allows Satan to groom the world into more sin.~

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