Golden Gate Revival


Revivals Coming Everywhere (Watch Film)

A NEW Jesus people movement || Golden Gate Bridge Worship with SEAN FEUCHT, Stand up For Our Freedom. Sean Feucht is a worship leader, missionary, politician, husband, and father.

I felt the Lord wanted me to create this video for him We want to see A NEW Jesus people movement. to truly live Life to the fullest, we have created this video to show this Outreach ministry, Sean has taught in Bssm, Bethel school of supernal ministry,

He has such a heart for Jesus. H states in this video to stand up for our rights. This worship is the christian music 2020. We hope you enjoy this christian vloggers channel.

Remember to Stand up For Our Freedom on the Golden Gate Bridge Worship with SEAN FEUCH. Some his inturns BSSM Student will be with him. We hope you enjoy these Bssm vlogs with the golden gate bridge singing. In this video you will witness a prophetic act. Something that states

The time is now to lift your voice, we will worship freely here We want to see a mighty shift in the the spirit, we will worship our God. Today we are standing for Jesus, we are having a prophetic act on the golden gate bridge to lift the banner for the Lord.

Our voice cannot be shot down for the name of the Lord has to be glorified. Let us worship and hold the line. We are the church. You can’t stop the church of seeing, because we are the church. The Golden Gate bridge a gateway to America, a gateway to the world.

Look at all these people that love Jesus. The time is now to lift your voice. I just want to say we’re here to declare that the Gates are open. The western Gate the Golden Gate. This is God’s land. California is the Lord’s, and we will worship freely here.

I believe that right now something is going to shift in the spirit. We are going to prophesy and we are going to declare that a new Jesus people movement is arising across the state, and we are going to prophesy that there is a boldness coming on the Christian community in California. We will not go be cowered into a corner.

We will not be silent. We will stand up for our rights, we will stand up Freedoms, and we will worship our God. We are believing that this sound will reverberate all the way to the capital, Sacramento. If you liked this video and want to see more from me, I post every Sunday, SO SUBSCRIBE FOR A GOOD TIME 🙂


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    1. Yes Bev and I feel uplifted by the empowerment. Blessings to you always.


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