Lady Gospel—

There is a lot of talk and controversy about Sister (Vesta Layne) Mangun,— as a person and her faith as a Christian. We invite you to observe her gospel share in the video below.

In 1950, G. A. and Vesta Mangun accepted the pastorate of what is now The Pentecostals of Alexandria. Those early days of ministry in her “new role” of pastor’s wife were filled with knocking on doors and passing out tracts.

She would pray people through in their homes and then go find Brother Mangun to baptize them. There was no place she would not go – she ministered in prisons and jails and the dens of iniquity that got people there.

She fearlessly walked into environments where the Gospel was challenged, knowing without doubt that “Greater is He that is in me…”

Prior to that time she had never taught an adult Sunday School class; and now, in Alexandria, she was following Sister Nell Morgan, a gifted Bible student and teacher.

With prayer and fasting and her “tools of the trade” – a prayer blanket, a Bible, and the anointing of God resting on her – she started teaching a class she still teaches today.

It’s a place where the Holy Ghost falls, where the Word of God speaks, and everyone in hearing distance listens carefully because it’s more than a woman with a Bible … it’s a woman with an all-powerful God.

There were Bible studies and prayer meetings and radio broadcasts and regular Sunday services. God found a willing vessel and, to this day, He continues to use her for His glory.

She was and is a prayer warrior. The magnificent obsession of her life has been prayer.

Sister Mangun, 97 years of age, is still living and preaching the gospel. Sister Mangun is a woman of the Word. She has spent hours in a day studying and seeking God for His words for her to speak.

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  1. I’m ashamed to say this is the first time I’ve heard her name or heard her speak. What a remarkable woman. I shall look out for more.

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