“My Name Is Meth Poem” 

15 thoughts on “ “My Name Is Meth Poem” 

  1. The reality is that addiction is a disease like any other. No-one ‘chooses’ it. It’s an illness of the brain, often inherited from addicted parents (maybe alcoholics?). It’s never as simple as it seems and many systems, like in the US, do not help drug addicts, but treat them like criminals. If they were treated more like people with a true illness (like cardiac disease), one that doesn’t go away in weeks, but rather is a life long disease, maybe people could find help. And if stigma was not attached to this illness, that drug addicts aren’t mentally ill, or crazy or dirty…maybe it would help too. It’s a very, very sad thing. We need more money (in the US) put towards this issue. Cardiac disease in the #1 killer in the US and millions and millions of dollars are spent every year on it, yet no one gets angry or nasty with people who are obese or unhealthy due to this issue? I just don’t get it?? Thanks for bringing this issue to light.

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  2. Meth definitely doesn’t discriminate. It hurts the addict as well as those who love the addict.

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        1. Meth has destroyed the fabric of the USA: the American people, families and politicians. Meth is Satan’s glory drug, a spiritual transfusion of human livelihood and a combination of every horror movie that ever was. God help us!🙏

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  3. As a recovering addict with four years of sobriety, I completely understand this poem. Unfortunately, many addicts turn to crime to pay for their habit. When they’re caught, and everyone gets caught, they usually end up on probation or in jail. Most states and counties now provide treatment for addicts and alcoholics. For the few that do not end up in court ordered treatment, most medical insurance now covers treatment. If not, Medicaid will pay for 100% of the cost. Sadly, it usually comes down to getting arrested first, then the addict will learn how to say, “my mane is . . . and I’m I drug addict.”

    It can be difficult to say those words the first time. 😊

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    1. Congratulations with your facing those gruesome challenges and overcoming your addiction, Shank. Your openness to share your experience is courageous. I have worked in many treatment centers and I am familiar with the journeys. Meth and Fentanyl are the new bloodlines of the USA and nations abroad. May God continue to strengthen overcomers to encourage and strengthen one another away from Satan’s poisons. You are a tough guy Shank, and a miraculous testimony for rejoicing. 🙏

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