Desperate Moments Testimonies

and God’s Response


Alphonso was a guy that I met while working at a major department. I liked his smile, his biblical knowledge, his humor and his generosity. I met his siblings and his widowed Mom. They were all nice and seem to like me and I liked them. 

Gradually, on a couple of occasions, he stayed the night, but my gut feeling kept telling me that something wasn’t right about the man I had worked with for less than six months. Then, without any apparent reason, I learned that Alphonso had been terminated and neither he nor my co workers discussed the reason why he lost his job. But, I was sure that Alphonso would tell me in sue time.

One evening Alphonso was at my door knocking. “How strange”, I thought. “Why didn’t he phone me”? His voice sounded uneasy as I listened to him say, “I need to talk to you”. Slowly I opened the door and he came in looking wild-eyed and crazy. 

I never saw him look so upset. I stood in disbelief watching him hurry into my kitchen, take a knife from the drawer, shove me onto the floor while strangling me with one hand and knife in the other. I couldn’t breath. He was going to cut my throat. 

Miraculously, I was able to utter “GOD” and that’s when Alphonso dropped the knife and began crying.

Weak, and disoriented,I slowly got up and calmed him down. I let him know that I understood and that he could trust me. After comforting Alphonso, he apologized and confided he was a crack addict and that he was depressed about being terminated from work. Exhausted, he fell asleep. Cautiously, I phoned the police and had Alphonso arrested. I followed through with a restraining order. My Uncle David coming to live with me, was added protection. ~womeninministries~


Ida, Vivian,and myself (Hortense) have been good friends for many years. We live in the suburbs of Illinois, raised our children together and our families were longtime friends. We also attended the same church

One Sunday after church service, the three of us ladies went to our favorite coffee house to enjoy our choice of pastries and coffee. After a couple of hours of treats and conversation, we headed out to the parking lot, when suddenly a young Black male riding a bike, yanked my (pocketbook) purse.

Immediately and angrily I shouted “In the Name of Jesus Christ’” and the young man dropped my (pocketbook) purse and hurriedly peddled away. My testimony is that our Lord and savior, immediately intervened..

A congregational share (full gospel church)


The devil tried to kill me recently in the hospital. My body was not responding to treatment. The doctors did all they could, but I could tell my body was dying. 

I was so weak I could not lift my head up off the bed. That night, I called out to Jesus — and I would not give up calling Him, using a promise from the Word of God. “I know You promised never to leave me or forsake me, but, Jesus, where are You? I’ve been praying and I haven’t heard from You. Jesus, I need You!” I called out for about ten minutes. Then I said, “Jesus, whether I live or die, my life is in Your hands.” A little later, a vision of Jesus’ face appeared right before me, drawn in white light.

He was riding on a horse, also drawn in white light. Jesus came to my rescue! He fought the battle for me! I am a living testimony! I have realized that the more you study the Word of God, the better equipped you are to face the trials and hardships of this life. The Word of God can be used against the enemy (the devil) and his associates and they will have to leave. (life Christian university)



I was dying from sickness with COVID-19. My eyes were running, I felt extremely weak with chills, and my lungs were congested. All I could do was sleep. My sister whom I lived with, comforts me and made sure that I ate .

She didn’t think I should go to the hospital because she was uncertain about the state of the world’s affairs entangle with corruption. But, I was dying. So as I lie in bed, drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness when I saw a sickly, weak pale version of myself walk into the bed room and sit beside me. With the little strength and life that I had in my body, I shouted over and over again:

“Most Precious Blood of Jesus Save Me, Most Precious Blood of Jesus Save Me, Most Precious Blood of Jesus Save Me, Most Precious Blood of Jesus Save Me”,

Suddenly, I could feel a tingling repeatedly moving throughout my body from head to toe. After a few moments passed, I was healed! The Lord heard my call and immediately healed me. A COVID Story from

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