“HALLELUJAH” by Cohen Sung by Véronique Roy and at the Piano Jocelyn Rodrigue

The soft and powerful voice of Véronique Roy transports us to a parallel universe. She offers us an excellent interpretation of Leonard Cohen’s well-known Hallelujah. The piano and arrangement was provided by Jocelyn Rodrigue. Together they were able to bring out all the simplicity, sweetness and contemplation that the …

La voix douce et puissante de Véronique Roy nous transporte dans un univers parallèle. Elle nous offre une excellente interprétation de l Hallelujah très connue de Leonard Cohen. Le piano et l arrangement a été assuré par Jocelyn Rodrigue. Ensemble ils ont su faire dégager toute la simplicité, la douceur et le recueillement que l …


6 thoughts on ““HALLELUJAH” by Cohen Sung by Véronique Roy and at the Piano Jocelyn Rodrigue

        1. Staci I am so thankful for all of the hallelujahs. Words cannot express the elation of my spirit. Have a glorious weekend yourself.

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    1. Blessings to you C.A. The makeovers are interesting. We are blessed for the different lyrical expressions, for our change of moods. I like a variation. Thank you for the link. Peace.

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