The best decision anyone can ever make…

be the light

According to Archbishop Justin Welby, the best decision at any point in life, in any circumstance, whoever you may be is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In his article in the July edition of Christianity Justin paints a beautiful picture of what evangelism is. I use thatword beautiful purposefully not because I’m expecting an invitation for tea at Lambeth palace anytime soon, but rather because so much of what is written about evangelism and how to engage with people is far from beautiful. It majors on separation and sin, rather than ‘made in the image of God’ characteristics. Evangelism has been ‘done’ in a judgmental, unkind and angry way. In other words, so much of what I see ‘on the streets’ as a street evangelist encountering other street evangelists has been far from the definition found in 1 Peter 3.15: giving the reason for the hope we have…

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5 thoughts on “The best decision anyone can ever make…

    1. God is leading us in his will. Thank you for your kind comment. Peace🕊


  1. We will make every attempt to do so unless we run into some technicalities. 🙏


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