TOWER AND FLIGHTS is a network of prayer sharers with “America On Coffee.” Bibical prophecies are certainly being fulfilled during these endtimes. It is so important that we all wakeup!

Remember, God’s people did not reach Heaven, when long ago, they built the Tower of Babel. Today MAN will not reach that peaceful place by elevating his consciousness using hallucinogenic drugs. And, neither will man enter into God’s Kingdom thru his many VOYAGES INTO Outerspace.

PRAYER THRU CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO REACH HEAVEN , So LET US PRAY ON OUR KNEES, without ceasing! And, let us encourage others to do the same.

“AND when THINGS began to CHANGE from less than good to even worse….I saw time spinning Away from the World and the World Spinning Away from time.


The world was seemingly spinning so fast… making hours minutes, days hours and years months. Then, Darkness overshadowed light and man could not decipher the Truth.” copyright 2005

NOTE: America On Coffee (AOC) appreciates the sentiments that prompt blog nominations. However, any blog award participation or process would be a distraction from our blogging.



40 thoughts on “About TOWER AND FLIGHTS

    1. Thank you applebitsblog for your follow and like(s) as well as your blog’s inspirational shares. Altogether we can grow in the right spirit and consciousness, truth in Christ Jesus!

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      1. I also want to thank you America On Coffee for upon reading your blog I was reminded of what really our purpose are and you’re right, altogether we can grow in the right spirit and truth in Jesus, thanks so much for being a blessing. 💕

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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog and following. I’m glad you found it helpful. I appreciate your desire to speak out against evil and elevate our Lord Jesus Christ!

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    1. It is a wonderful in whatever way we can prepare for the Lord’s kingdom. How glorious these special times are. Glorious because He is coming soon. As the gospel is being spread who can say they had not heard? Thank you for your kind words, Laura and for being a follower of Christ!

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  2. Excuse my tardiness in saying thank you for the follow and checking out your blog. My excuse is that I’ve been traveling and not keeping up on my new followers. >grin< In any case, welcome aboard. I know I will enjoy exploring your site as well.


  3. Interesting! I love anything about our LORD and this sure hits the spot. I am a reformed coffee drinker, though….my sacrifice to help my husband as he has had to give up eating so many things he liked – way to much – and that gave him heart disease….My problem with coffee is that I like it junked up too much….if only I could drink fresh brewed coffee black – so I almost didn’t come read what you were about!
    Thanks for stopping by and following. I look forward to reading more!


    1. Share about the Lord always with AOC. Our sharing is not about coffee,It’s about our Lord. So you will not find coffee on our Tower and Flights. Thanks for visiting and speculating!

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    1. Thank you very much! There was no motivation. Maybe sometimes when people set out to console others, the consolation just keeps consoling. I wish I could be more explicit. But this is all that I can say without violating others

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  4. The tower of Babel is such a sad account of a worldly view of what is important to many who have no knowledge of God’s priorities and intentions! You are tackling some heavy subjects here! Happy Wednesday, Emille

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