“HOT” May Be Your Net Worth During These End Times And In Hell

–with dividends being of every foul, twisted meaning conjured up in the misled, darkened minds and souls of men. And COOL? Satan‘s burns are undoubtedly worse than any hardship, any bad luck, sorrows, curses or burdens that any person has ever experienced in life. The language of SATANiSM is deceptive with words that dress men […]

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This post is especially relevant to atheists, skeptics and racists. Life is more than your personal journey and the skin that covers your spiritual vessel— WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO FIND YOURSELF IN CHRIST You will never fully understand until you desire Christ, offer yourself to Christ and lose your worldly self and ambitions (becoming […]


The Blessings of The Marriage Covenant

Originally posted on az4christ:
marriage Covenant God created the marriage covenant so that humans could honor God and live blessed lives. Our understanding of Biblical marriage helps us understand our biblical relationship with God, and God’s relationship with the true invisible church.? http://www.sermonaudio.com/playpopup.asp?SID=82151221542 While the unsaved can be blessed by honoring the biblical covenant…

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