The Kingdom vs. The Empire, Pt. 3


Scott C Johnson


I understand that what I write is not easy — but it’s also not my idea.  I have been wrestling with the ideas of pacifism, non-violence, and the Christian’s role in politics since I came up out of the waters of baptism over a decade ago.  I realize that my opinion will upset, offend, or disturb many, and I’m okay with that. However, it is too important and issue to not discuss and discourse.  I am a man, not God – and I believe the Bible as His holy word.  Read this with the understanding of, “He might be wrong.”  Read your Bible, test the scriptures, and pray.  But most importantly, let the Holy Spirit guide your convictions and beliefs, not traditions.  With that being said, let us finish this series.

There is a part in the Gospel narratives that we’ve read many times but have a tendency to just…

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