15 thoughts on ““WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE!” (Song)

  1. Thanks for this!! I’m old enough to have sung along when this one first came out – – – and the world sure needs love, sweet love, now more than ever.

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        1. We all are… I am always at the foreground… best. You know these are incredible times we are now living in. The Coronavirus has nothing in what us to come. The food prices are in the increase and the people went hording food. What about water that used to be clean and free? What about the homeless? Remember the Antrax attacks on the US mail?

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        2. Yes toilet paper. Remember the odd and even gas station lines? The enemy is now testing more and more areas of human desperation/divide vs willpower/unity. 😳

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        3. People today have a lot values that just are not strong. They go with the flow of evil and believe themselves to be a team player. Nice is weak and evil is strong. Me, I am lukewarm and realistic when dealing with madness. The more crazier things will become, the more people will lose sight of themselves by not turning to God.

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