When You Don’t Love God

–you cannot love or respect yourself or your fellow man.

Our love for God has to grow and become huge because God’s love for us is huge.


Thru Jesus Christ, Who Lives and Reigns In The Unity Of The Holy Spirit, One God Forever And Ever! ~the Holy Mass~

And it is the Holy Spirit who bears the fruit of love in our lives and gives us a common care for each other (Galatians 5:22). 

28 thoughts on “When You Don’t Love God

  1. We become one with Messiah Yeshua in His Holy Spirit.
    Born again and experiencing our own Pentecost.
    He baptizes us in His Spirit after repentance followed by gracious enlightenment with faith.
    The work is the Father’s and His Son’s alone. We become objects of His Mercy.
    We are not dependent upon any “ism”.

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      1. Mussar contrasted by the Xtian avoda zara dogma of free will.
        What defines the intent of the Talmudic sages when they introduced in the Gemara of ברכות the concept of the Yatzir HaTov opposed by the Yatzir HaRah? Rule #1: All prophets command mussar. Rule #2: All mussar defines tohor middot. A corollary (A proposition that follows with little or no proof required from one already proven) to rule #2, all generations of bnai brit merit mussar. Rule #3: Tohor middot derived from mussar and dedicated unto HaShem through tefilla, they serve as מגן אברהם. This יסוד defines the k’vanna of the t’shuva dedication made upon the Yatzir HaTov. Rule #4: T’shuva requires remembering either faults or mistakes which resulted in damaging actions to others (including one own self) OR events where social behavior achieved harmony with neighbors during tense situations. Rule #5: The k’vanna of all tefillot: the active dedication of remembering the decisions expressed by either Yatzir within ones’ own heart. Rule #6: The study of the Talmud employs halachic decisions (which many later scholars use to define the ritual observances of Traditional Judaism) as the ideal precedents wherein the Amoraim scholars defined the k’vanna of intent of Rabbi Yechuda’s Mishna. A corollary to employment of halachot as precedents whereby the later Gemara Sages defined a specific given Mishna,,, the Aggadita (specific T’NaCH verses ), employs simple stories; Aggadita stands upon the יסוד of T’NaCH literature. Therefore, Aggadita has the definition that it makes a search study of designated T’NaCH Primary Sources, to understand the Mussar instruction which these T’NaCH sources command.

        Aggadita, a discipline which seeks to understand prophetic mussar commandments. Through employment of the דרוש\פשט axis of the פרדס kabbala logical formula, the derived mussar from T’NaCH sources, learn in a similar style of finding a precedent(s) whereby later scholars determine the mussur instruction commanded by a specific prophet,,, this understood mussar defines the פשט of the Aggadic story within the Gemara itself. The abbreviation of פרדס weaves דרוש\פשט together with halachic רמז\סוד, comparable to a garment having a warp and its opposing weft threads. Halacha has no real k’vanna without its required Aggadic mussar research. Herein defines how to correctly study and learn a page of Gemara. Rule #7: Ideally, all prophetic mussar commandments affix themselves to a specific ברכה within the 13 middle blessings within the Shemone Esrei tefilla; weaving a defined mussar commandment with specific ritual halachot determines not only the definition of intent of a specific Mishna, but even more important this study defines the k’vanna of the Yatzir HaTov dedicated unto HaShem in the stead of a formal korban. The Akada of Yitzak serves as the precedent which employs the study of the Talmud to dedicate a tohor Yatzir unto HaShem while standing before a Safer Torah and swearing a ברכה\oath unto HaShem.

        The avoda zara idolatry of the dogma of ‘free will’, its absurdity – explains the collapse of the Church as a religion, repeating the sin of Cain, over and again duplicated throughout the history of the European barbarians on this Earth.


        1. Science through its total reliance upon the existence of empirical evidence … this dogmatism limits the reality of the Gods to 3 physical dimensions.


        2. Man is small in his thinking and abilities compared to the Almightiness of our One God. I will not dishonor God in believing him to be a Greek myth. Myths help man to try at understanding, what he cannot.


        3. God has never left us we have left GOD. The only other gods their are outside the magnificence of the holy trinity are Satan and demons and all that man can conjure up in his selfish weak mind.


        4. The Holy Bible tells if these times and the anti Christ. Many of us are bearing witness to the ignorance of the humans mind in these end times. Amen I say to you, what lies ahead is for stubborn ridiculous people.


        5. I can in marvel at the Almighty smilingly. Gif has given man so much that man cannot be thankful only selfish and prideful, thinking he himself as God. Humble is the way.


        6. We have a God! God will show you. Time for your awakening is at hand. Debates are a waste. End


  2. I don’t believe in any god or gods, yet I believe in trying to be the best human being you can be. I also acknowledge the fact that there are many gods with many names and that all believe only their god is the true savior.

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    1. We are on him and he in us. The hour of perfection is now for the perfect, restored union. God’s love and peace be with you.🙏

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        1. I am sad and happy at the same time. The state of the world makes me sad. I have never before witnessed this amount of confusion and evil. Knowing that our savior is coming to light up the dark world is happiness. ✝️🛐🔆⚡️

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