Leaving the New Age Law of Attraction (loa) Witchcraft

(Pinterest) image: into a den of sin

This video was already very long and i didn’t even get to talk about everything as much as I wanted to I was so deep into the new age i wouldn’t even ever call it the new age but that is what it is for the last 7 years year getting into the:

  • law of attraction
  • manifesting
  • crystals
  • tarot
  • astrology birth charts
  • the law of assumption
  • tattoos with sacred geometry

—calling myself a good witch even making youtube video about. manifesting and teaching other people to do that through out the years

—I kept getting a tug to leave it behind and get closer to Jesus but I kept ignoring it and justifying what I was doing as “good” or “godly” but i was very wrong, i was lied to, i was deceived over the past few years, testimony videos would pop up on my home page and sometimes I would watch or ignore them but ultimately I think they had a huge impact on me.

My hope for this video is that it can impact someone like the testimony videos I watched impacted me I know we live in a world where a lot of things get brushed off as “not a big deal” or something similar but this is very important and its very much so a big deal Paige’s Testimony

Melody’s Testimony https://youtu.be/Z8pzCHe6W5Y

Amanda’s Testimony https://youtu.be/ZnUPRUw3kZw

Jake’s Testimony https://youtu.be/qRoVzQYH2i8

Jessica’s Testimony https://youtu.be/VT59oL1NxPY

2 thoughts on “Leaving the New Age Law of Attraction (loa) Witchcraft

    1. Amen and we pray many more will step out if the darkness into God’s light.


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